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The best outdoor enclosures for your pet


Some common themes emerge when discussing the best pet enclosures for various animals. First, you must buy a pen that is big enough for your pet. Allow room to add toys and elevated areas where they can perch, giving them variety in their daily experience. Doing this will keep them amused, happy and healthy.

Which pens are suitable for your pet?

Depending on the size of the enclosure, it could be their permanent home if you have a rabbit, for example, or a temporary measure for a cat or dog. Animals are social, so take yours out of their pen when appropriate so they can bond with you. Dogs need to run around, so even a large enclosure is no replacement for an evening walk with their pet parent. But if you’re looking for the best pet enclosures, read on for details on what to consider.

Enclosures for chickens

The best pet enclosures for chickens protect against predators, provide easy access to eggs, and enable simple cleaning. Above all, chicken coops should be comfortable for your flock of birds, with straw or wood shavings in the roosting boxes and on the ground. Our chicken coops have a raised floor to avoid moisture, mud and parasites. The removable metal tray makes cleaning a breeze. Their solid timber construction and waterproof roof protect your birds from harsh weather. Ensure you provide your hens with everything they need to flourish – like a food trough big enough for every hen to feed at once and waterers to keep them hydrated.

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The best dog enclosures

Sometimes it’s necessary to limit your dog’s access to the backyard – whether you are having guests over or expecting the postman to drop by, a pet enclosure has its place. Be sure when choosing from the best dog enclosures that you opt for one with a secure locking system. Many dogs are smart enough to open latches and escape. They can also jump over fencing panels that aren’t high enough. Dogs grow quickly, so be sure to factor this in. Check out our dog kennel range if you’re not looking to confine your dog as much as to provide shelter. They are sturdy and waterproof, and our Shack model has a hinged roof for easy cleaning. You can also combine one of the best dog enclosures of your choice with one of our kennels so your canine is both comfortable and secure.

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Cat enclosures, aka “catios”

Regarding cats, the best pet enclosures are large enough for your feline to play, run and jump around. If they are an indoor cat, they may be missing outdoor stimuli. You can also add toys, scratching posts and climbing apparatus into your pet enclosure to make it a more fun place for your cat. Some of the best pet enclosures for cats come with shade and rain covers. Others are extendable, which is handy if you are unsure how big your pet enclosure needs to be. Look for a sturdy, roomy enclosure or “catio”, remembering that if you have two or more cats, you will need a bigger model. The best cat enclosures also consider portability when you and your cat are on the go. Sturdiness and resistance to your feline’s sharp claws are also winning factors.

Indoor rabbit playpens and outdoor hutches

The ideal indoor pet enclosure for rabbits is a playpen. They are spacious, cheaper, and secure enough to keep your rabbit safe. Your enclosure should be 3 x your rabbit’s length and twice its width. A playpen is a standalone collapsible fence that can usually be extended if necessary. Your rabbit must be comfortable in their playpen, as it may need to be there for extended periods. Rabbits are energetic animals that are at their best when they can move around and play. Small cages can cause rabbits to become bored or aggressive. Try to find a 30″ playpen or higher so your rabbits don’t just hop over the fence. At Pinnacle, we’ve got some excellent pet enclosure options for the outdoors – larger ones for rabbits like The Loft and smaller ones for hamsters or guinea pigs like The Lodge or The Hampton. These pet enclosures give your animals space to hop or run around but also provide necessary protection from the elements outdoors.

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Keep your pets secure and comfortable with Pinnacle Hardware

At Pinnacle, we’ve got pet enclosures, chicken coops and dog kennels to ensure your pets are safe and protected from outdoor conditions. Our range of pet products makes living with pets more comfortable for them and convenient for you.

See our full range of pet products online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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