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The 15 best hook storage ideas for your home

When storage hooks come to mind, you might automatically think about the garage. But there are lots of creative ways you can use hooks for storage throughout your home. Here are the best ways to clear your floors, counters, and table tops using inexpensive hooks.

Hook storage for the bedroom

The bedroom can be a real jumble of clothes and clutter that can quickly mount up if you don’t have a storage system. A few well-placed storage hooks can help.

Storage idea #1 – Organise your wardrobe

Our 5 hook multipurpose hanging rack is great for scarves, belts, handbags, and even jewellery. Not only will it keep your things from getting tangled or damaged, they’ll also be easy to find.

Storage Idea #2 – Store stuffed toys 

A toy hammock is a cute, simple way to tidy stuffed toys in your kid’s bedroom. All you need is three hooks, one in the corner of the room and one on either side. Then, you can hang scrap fabric or macrame rope from the hooks to create a hammock for stuffed toys to sit in.

Hook storage for hallways

The hallway at the entrance of your home is prime real estate for hook storage. It won’t just look aesthetically pleasing, you’ll also be able to find those essential things you need before you dash out the door.

Storage idea #3 – Hang coats and hats

Coats and hats are seasonal, so you don’t want them cluttering up your closet all year round. Get them out of the wardrobe by hanging them up. You can even make your own coat rack!

Storage idea #4 – Easily find keys

Are you constantly asking yourself, ‘where did I put my keys?’ Using hooks to organise them will help give you a designated spot where you always pop your keys as you walk in the door.

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Storage hooks in the bathroom

There are lots of things that need to be hung up to dry in the bathroom. But hooks don’t always have to affix to the wall. You can also install them on the inside doors of cupboards or cabinets. This can be ideal for hanging containers to store things.

Storage idea #5 – Hang towels 

Towels are easy to store using hooks to get them off the floor and hygienically aerated. They also look great when hung up in a row using one of our hanging racks.

Storage idea #6 – Dry out your shower caps

How do you store shower caps so they can dry in between uses? The answer is to hook them up! Add a hook or two to your wall or the side of your bathroom cabinet.

Storage idea #7 – Store makeup and hair driers

Hooks on the inside of cupboard doors are super useful for hanging up your hair drier and keeping the cord safely off the countertop. You could also hang containers where you can store makeup or cleaning supplies.

Hook storage for the kitchen

There are lots of places you can utilise hooks in the kitchen – on walls, underneath your top cupboards, or on the inside of the doors. It’s an easy way to get stuff out of those cluttered drawers.

Storage idea #8 – Pegboards for pots, pans and utensils

Pots, pans, and any utensils can easily be organised on a pegboard, so you can quickly reach items while you’re mid-chop or while a soup is on the boil. Click here for more pegboard ideas for the home.

Storage idea #9 – Hang up tea towels

Much like other kinds of towels, tea towels need to be aerated when you’re not using them. Hooks are ideal for hanging them up and making them easy to reach when you’re washing up.

Storage idea #10 – Display your mugs

Mugs are easy to hang up, and you can make use of the space under your top cabinets or shelves. Many of the designs will double as decoration, so you’ll want to put them on display.

Storage hooks in the home office

Even the home office can benefit from storage hooks. See our article for more tips on setting up a productive workspace.

Storage idea #11 – Hang up your router

If your router is not getting good coverage, its position could be the problem. You can easily hang a router higher up on the wall using hooks for a better internet connection.

Storage idea #12 – Get cables under control

Hooks are so handy for keeping cables tamed and well-managed. Secure the hooks under your desk and guide the wires through them for easy organisation.

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Hook storage for the garage

The garage is a particularly rich source of opportunities to use hook storage. Hooks get items up and onto the walls where they can be easily grabbed.

Storage idea #13 – Store small tools

A pegboard with hooks makes it easy to store small DIY or gardening tools so that you always know where they are.

Storage idea #14 – Hang up bikes

Our bike hanger will do exactly what it says it does. It will keep your bike off the floor and in top condition.

Storage idea #15 – Get into the Christmas spirit

When Christmas rolls around, there are lots of great uses for hooks. You can hang up Christmas lights or Christmas cards and get into the swing of the festivities while keeping everything organised.

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Get hooked on storage with Pinnacle hooks

At Pinnacle Hardware, we aim to make your life easier by providing home and garage storage products that help you keep everything organised. This is also true of our hooks. We’ve got hooks and pegboards to suit just about every need.

See our full range of storage products online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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