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Summer storage hacks you need for your garage


Summer is here, and you will use different items from your garage accordingly. The kids might be kicking balls around the backyard, playing with inflatable toys in the pool, while you make up for lost time with home gym workouts and hours spent pottering in the garden. These activities are a world away from winter’s grey skies. Now that the sun is out, it’s time to get active. Pinnacle is here to help with garage storage hacks to help you find space for all the equipment and toys you need to fill your summer days’ activities.

Sports equipment

Do your kids spend their summer days kicking a football or shooting a few hoops? If you’re inundated with balls of different shapes and sizes, then you’re probably wondering if there are some storage hacks to deal with them. One of the best ways of keeping them in check is to pair large plastic containers with one of our shelving options. The 4-tier Urban Series adjustable shelving unit is a great choice, or if you need the equipment low down and within reach of children, try our 3-tier Urban Series adjustable bench. Either option will provide ample garage storage for ball games. Just fill the plastic containers with the balls and stow them on the shelves.

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Garage gym

If you have a gym in your garage, summer is the perfect time to get stuck into some serious workouts, even extending your space to outdoor areas. Put on some tunes and train to your heart’s content. When it’s time to put your workout equipment away, you’ll always have space for your ropes and exercise bands when you use our pegboard for easy hanging, one of our essential storage hacks. All kinds of pegboard accessories are available, like our heavy-duty storage tray, which is a perfect spot for your drink bottle. You can also hang printed-out exercise routines from the pegboard. Our shelving is handy for gym must-haves such as weights, yoga mats, boxing gloves, etc. Learn more about transforming your garage into a haven for work, rest, and play.

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Beach accessories

Beach accessories can be cumbersome, but here at Pinnacle, we have storage hacks to help you make sense of the chaos. You can hang up smaller items like bathers and goggles on hooks to dry ready for their subsequent use, whereas buckets, spades, and sand moulds can be stored in big plastic containers on shelves. If you’re keeping inflatable toys and floaties full of air ready for their next outing, hang them from the garage’s roof, so they are out of the way. Garage storage hacks for fishing rods – hang them on the garage wall or ceiling. Make sure that any hooks are safely tucked into one of the rugs of the fishing rod or inserted into a cork to render them harmless.

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Gardening tools

If you’re a keen gardener, you might be overwhelmed with all the gardening tools in your garage. But here at Pinnacle Hardware, we’ve got you covered with garage storage hacks for green thumbs. For all those long-handled tools – some of which may be dangerous, such as a whipper snipper – try our tall metal cabinets with a lock to keep sharp tools away from children. For the ultimate gardener workspace, test out our mobile garden station. It’s the perfect garden helper for potting your plants, with an ideal height and hardy exterior coating. Its wheels allow you to transport it anywhere indoors or outdoors. You can keep all your small hand tools in your mobile garden station, so everything is together.

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Summer activities are more convenient with Pinnacle garage storage

At Pinnacle Hardware, we have an extensive range of garage storage products that can provide much more convenience to your life, particularly during the heat waves of summer. You’ll know exactly where the pool gear is, where your potting gloves are, and where your gym weights are when you utilise Pinnacle Hardware garage storage.

See our full range of garage storage online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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