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Storage hacks for your child’s bedroom

One of the places in a household that can attract the most clutter is your child’s bedroom.

But how do you encourage your child to let go of things they no longer need without being a grinch in the process?

If your child insists on keeping just about everything that enters their room, how do you store it all in an orderly way?

These questions seem to have plagued parents for generations. Though never before have children received such an excess of stuff.

Perhaps the best schoolroom is their very own bedroom, where they can experience first-hand what more or less stuff feels like.


It is always easier to keep a room clean if there is less to organise. You might be looking for all kinds of nifty kids’ bedroom storage units, but storage is secondary to decluttering.

So, our number one storage hack is to declutter your stuff and get rid of anything that is broken, will never be used, doesn’t fit, or that you don’t like.

If you apply this to your kid’s room, you can help your child identify toys they don’t like or never play with, clothes that don’t fit or never get worn, etc.

It helps to teach children about recycling old items by sending old toys to charity stores for kids from less fortunate families to benefit from.

Tell them that their old toys that they no longer want will go to poor kids in need, and your child will be filled with a sense of purpose when you help them gently let go of possessions.

Having fewer items that they use will help your kids appreciate what they have, rather than being bombarded by so many toys they can’t find their favourites. Too much stuff will always trump attempts to organise with kids’ bedroom storage.


Clothes can create much mess quite quickly if you don’t have the right kids’ bedroom storage in place.

Hanging clothes is a good way of storing them because it prevents crinkles, allows for visibility of items, and easy accessibility.

You may like to use a small step to help your child reach their clothes in a full-sized wardrobe, like the modern Pinnacle wardrobe systems available in small, medium, and large sizes.

We also have basket storage units and other kids’ bedroom storage, such as adjustable shelving and portable wardrobes.

Find out how to build your wardrobe storage with Pinnacle.

The main thing with kids’ bedroom storage is to get all the clothes off the floor. Another valuable item in a children’s bedroom is the dirty clothes hamper.

Teach your children to put their dirty clothes where they belong so that they are not left scattered all over the floor, making your job harder come washing day.

One handy way of getting clothes off the ground is to build your own coat rack.


Once you’ve decluttered with your kids so they only have the toys they love in their room, you are ready to start finding homes for these items.

If you need inspiration, check out our DIY for a fun kids’ space at home, which equally applies to bedrooms just as it applies to other multi-purpose rooms.

You can see in that example how we’ve used a range of kids’ bedroom storage, such as various shelving units, that are perfect for storing toys.

pegboard is perfect for keeping small items together and hanging coloring-in books to access art supplies easily.

When you have a place for everything, you will find that everything stays in place, and less mess is created. Unless it’s a creative mess, of course!

Decluttering may sound strict at first, but this practice makes more room for living and making the most of what you have.

Gratitude is such a beautiful thing to teach to your children, and by helping them with their possession consciousness, you allow them to grasp gratitude in a very tangible way.

Remember always the first line of defence against clutter – not kids’ bedroom storage but having less stuff!


It’s true that we cannot do your decluttering for you.

But we can and do provide some of the most visually appealing and practical solutions for kids’ bedroom storage on the market today.

If you want to get your child’s bedroom in order, look for our shelving unitspegboard, and wardrobe systems online or at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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