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Reorganise and declutter your common household problem areas

Do your home and garage need some decluttering? First, you might like to read our article on decluttering your house, called ‘How to Marie Kondo your house for a fresh new look.’ In that article, we discuss ways of sorting through your possessions without getting bogged down in overwhelm or sentimentality. Assuming you have taken the first step of throwing away, donating, or selling things that are no longer useful to you, you are now ready for the next step, which is to find the right storage ideas for your remaining stuff. This article discusses some of the most common household problem areas, offering storage ideas to defeat clutter and misplaced items. Read on to learn more about how to reorganise your home.


It’s incredible how your tea towels and oven mitts can accumulate in the kitchen. Keep them in check by using Pinnacle hooks conveniently near the dishrack and the oven. You can keep utensils and saucepans within arm’s reach by storing them on a pegboard on your kitchen wall. It looks tidy and allows you to find what you need when cooking. A common area for clutter in the kitchen is under the sink. Use drawer organisers or even lidless washable plastic containers to stow away items related to dishwashing and cleaning. Shelving is one of those multipurpose storage solutions that can find a handy home in many rooms of the house or garage. Use it as a place to keep larger appliances when in-built cabinets are full of pantry items.


The entrance of your home can quickly become a dumping ground if you don’t curate it with appropriate storage ideas. Our Urban Series Industrial Benches are one of the most remarkable storage ideas for shoes in busy households. Just set up a bench in the hallway of your home and watch as, miraculously, shoes are neatly put away with a minimum of nagging. While you’re in the entranceway, you might as well install some hooks to cater for coats, bags, and keys, commonly collected when you’re just about to walk out of the door. Small touches like these can make all the difference to how smoothly your household runs.


The backbone of any office space is your desk, and our workbenches make for study workspaces, whether you are completing DIY projects in the garage or shuffling papers in front of your laptop. Do you have one of those junk drawers? You know, the ones you drop things into when you don’t know what else to do with them? It’s time to declutter your junk drawers with our drawer organisers that keep like things together and unlike things apart. There are many storage ideas for offices. You can use a filing cabinet, scan in all your documents and store them digitally on the cloud, or use shelving and 4-ring binders to keep your files organised. Our Urban Series Benches and Shelving Units are great storage solutions for office hardware like scanners and printers, keeping them off the floor and allowing you to optimise your desk space.


We have an extensive range of garage storage solutions. Thanks to our Pro Series Garage Storage products, you can now have complete control over the storage ideas you implement in your garage. If you can envision it, you can have it with the Pro Series Garage Storage range. It offers over 70 possible configurations of storage stations, comprising of cabinets, drawers, overhead storage, and a solid workstation that can be extended if need be. It doesn’t matter how small or big you need your storage solutions to be, we have it covered with the Pro Series Garage Storage range. Another of our excellent storage ideas for the garage is the Pinnacle 73″ Pro Series Tool Trolley, which has a spot for every tool you own as well as internal and external charging docks including 240v sockets and USB ports. Combine the Pro Series Garage Storage with the Pinnacle 73” Pro Series Tool Trolley and you have a range of storage solutions that should do most of the heavy lifting in regards to clearing garage clutter.


At Pinnacle, we aim to provide storage solutions that help you live a more convenient and organised lifestyle. While we design many products for garages, some are equally useful in other home and garden areas. View our full range of storage solutions or see our products in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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