Paws deserve the outdoors

A pet door is a fantastic addition to your home and will benefit both you and your furry friend.

If you’ve been thinking about installing one but are uncertain if it’s worth the effort, here are some of the key benefits…

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Just like us humans, pets also have needs…

If your pet is unable to go to the toilet for a long period of time (the carpet not being an ideal alternative spot) they may hold off in fear of upsetting their owner, which can lead to an infection if they wait too long. A pet door insert will give your pet the freedom to go whenever they need to.


As much as your pet enjoys curling up on the couch with you, they need outdoor stimulation to keep their mental and physical health in check.

Giving your furry friend the ability to run around or go outside whenever they hear an interesting sound, will keep them happy and less likely to leave scratches on doors and window sills.

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If you’re tired of getting up in the early hours or late at night to let your pet out, it may be time to buy a pet door.

No more having to get off the couch when you’re watching your favourite show, cooking dinner or simply tired after a long day at work. Also, if you’re heading away for the weekend and your friend can only pop around once/twice a day, you know your pet can still go outside if it needs to.


Pet door installation can be a good choice to increase the security of your home as pets can be a great deterrent against unwanted intrusions.

However, if you have a pet that requires a large pet door, it may cause a security risk. Every home is different but this is something you should consider if you don’t have a fenced property or other security measures in place.


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No one likes to come back home to find a torn up pillow, chewed shoes or whatever else our clever little friends can get their paws on or teeth into. A pet door can be a great way to cope with pet disobedience and save that favourite pair of shoes you forgot to put away.

So there you go, these are the main benefits to consider if you’re thinking about installing a pet door insert at your home. We recommend a Bunnings pet door as they have a great selection available; best of luck with your installation.

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