scott mcgregor transforms his shed into a workshop

Scott McGregor recently transformed his garden shed into a workshop using some of our products. It was so fantastic and easy to do, we thought we’d share it with all of you in case you’re in need of some inspiration for your own makeover.

To see the full transformation process, just watch the video or follow our steps below to create your very own workshop.


Step 1: Prep and measure the space

Scott began his shed transformation by clearing everything out and measuring up the available space. It’s always nice to start off with a clean slate and be able to assess the potential of your space. Make sure that when you’re measuring the space you account for enough room to walk in between your shelving, workbenches or whatever else you decide to put in the shed. Great way to do this easily is to sketch up a rough plan of your space and draw in the products you want to place in there. 

STEP 2: choose and assemble the products

Scott chose products that would fit the size of his space and organisation requirements and assembled them using the provided instructions. It is always easiest to assemble your products in a large, open space before moving them into your shed.

If you would like to see more details on the specific products Scott used in his makeover, just click the links below:


If you need some help assembling your products, take a look at some of the blogs we’ve put together previously including How to assemble a 4 drawer mobile unit, How to install 450x900mm pegboard, How to assemble a standard shelving unit and How to choose the right pegboard hook.

STEP 3: paint the walls

Before moving everything into the shed, Scott gave the walls a fresh coat of paint which was a quick and easy way of giving the space some new life. Black was a great colour choice as it not only compliments our products but also gives a sleek and modern feel. 

STEP 4: move in and organise

Finally, the fun part. After moving the main products into the shed, Scott used some of our smaller garage organisation accessories such as hooks, totes and drawer organisers to add the final touches to the workshop. As you can see, everything is easily accessible, well organised and ready to go for any home DIY projects.

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