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So you’ve decided to get some chickens! Or maybe you have some already but they need a new home. Maybe you’ve started looking on Pinterest for chicken coop ideas or maybe on YouTube for how to make a chicken coop yourself from scratch. Well, we’re really glad you ended up here because at Pinnacle Hardware, we’ve made getting a home for your chickens, simple, affordable and the end result is one that any chicken or rooster would be happy to call home.

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Where To Start

Inventory and measure up

The first thing to think about is whether you have the space in your yard for chickens and a chicken coop and whether you want them to be able to roam free in the yard during the day. This will also determine how many chickens you should keep because allowing them to roam free during daytime hours means you only really need enough room in the coop for them to roost at night (or when locked up) and to lay their eggs. With our chicken coops, we recommend keeping only two chickens per coop if you aren’t going to let them out during the day and up to 4 if you are, as there is ample space for 4 hens to roost at night on perches inside the coop.

Where should I put my chicken coop?

There are a few things to remember when considering where to locate your chicken coop.

  1. 1. If you are going to let the chickens roam free during the day the chicken coop should be connected to or situated in this area so the chickens can easily come and go and nest and roost as needed.
  2. Ideally the chicken coop would be located in an area that enjoys half-sun and half-shade.
  3. It should be located on a flat area of ground that drains well.
  4. Remember, chickens love to scratch about and dig up the grass and dirt. This as well as the constant foot traffic means you should relocate your chicken coop every few months to limit the destruction to a particular part of your lawn and the ground under the coop.
Inventory and measure up

Choosing a chicken coop

When choosing a chicken coop, we recommend considering the following features:

Obviously, it needs to be big enough to house the amount of chickens you would like to keep.

Well designed chicken coops made from timber are great because they are naturally breathable and are not as susceptible to condensation.

Does it have a a waterproof roof and a design that will give the chickens shelter from the elements when they need it, including a raised area to keep them comfortable and dry?

Is it solid and easy to assemble?

Does it have adequate space and appropriate areas for the chickens to roost and nest?

Does it have easy access for to you to collect the eggs?

Is it easy to clean with features like removable floor trays for the nesting area?

Assembling your chicken coop

Each of our chicken coops comes with simple assembly instructions and is quick and easy to assemble. All you need is a drill with a Philips-head bit (PH2) and/or a Philips-head screwdriver, lay out all the parts and familiarise yourself with them and then just follow the steps. And if for some reason you get stuck, feel free to give us a call.

The end result

Chicken Coop

The end result is a solid, affordable and cosy home for your chickens that was simple to build and can be moved around as needed. Check out our range of chicken coops here or visit your local Bunnings store today!

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