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Every year, we get to show our dads how special they are with a day dedicated to spoiling them. Father’s day is coming up, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite products that we think would make the perfect gift. Whether it’s for your dad, grandpa, husband, uncle or any father figure, there’s sure to be something here that they will love while also fitting into your budget.

Have they been wanting to tidy up the garage or re-organise their shed but just don’t know where to start? Give them a helping hand and select a gift that won’t end up collecting dust in the back of your cupboard. Our gift guide is a great place to start for all the DIY dads that love to get hands on with home projects.

Garage storage solutions


$20 Or less

If you’re not after something too pricey or extravagant then consider these featured products; the Utility Hook, Small J Hook and 305mm Magnetic Tool Bar. These are great for organising small items such as rope, garden tools and small hand tools and are sure to have him hooked. To see more of our hook range in different sizes, colours and weight capacities, click here.

$50 or less

If dad has a pretty impressive garage set up going, then maybe something that will compliment what he’s already got is the way to go. The Drawer Organiser is great for keeping tools and small objects easily accessible and categorised, and the Storage Tote is the perfect option for anything that dad needs quick access to but still safely stored. To view our entire range of storage accessories click here.

$100 or less

If dad’s been wanting to get his garage or workstation into tip top shape, then these might just be the perfect gifts for him. Our Metal Pegboard is a great option for maximising wall space and provides great storage opportunities for tools. The Benchtop Organiser is perfect for storing a variety of nuts, bolts, screws and small bits and bobs whilst keeping them organised, safely stored and easily accessible. To view the full range pegboard sizes click here and for more benchtop organisers and small storage accessories, click here.

$200 or less

If budget isn’t an issue and you want to go for a more sizeable gift, consider our 5 Tier Adjustable Shelf. It’s the perfect storage solution for the garage, shed or home and great if dad is into being organised. If your dad’s best friend is four-legged, then our dog kennel, The Shack, is a fantastic option keep both happy. Happy dog, happy dad, right? To see more of our extensive range of shelving click here, or for more dog kennel options click here.

$400 or less

For the ultimate garage setup, why not deck dad out with everything he could possibly want. Whether it’s our XL Timber Top Workbench, our 4 Tier Urban Series Adjustable Shelving Unit, our 4 Tier Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelf or our Heavy Duty Compact Workbench, we’ve got all the right gifts to really make that DIY dad a happy chappy. Our garage storage comes in a variety of dimensions and finishes to suit any size and style of garage. To see the entire range of garage storage options, click the following links for modular storage, shelving or workbenches.

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