DIY pegboard ideas for the home, office or shop

Get inspired with these creative pegboard ideas! Attractive, efficient and well-organised spaces in your home, office, workshop or store are surprisingly simple with our black powder coated pegboard modules. Flexible and supported by our extensive range of hooks our pegboard can be mounted to any surface and even joined together to create a whole wall of storage. You’ll find the applications and solutions are endless. The below sections explain this fun and satisfying DIY project step by step including instructions on how to hang pegboard.

Garage storage solutions

MEASURE the space

Inventory and measure up

First, evaluate and measure the space you have available to hang the pegboard. Our pegboard comes in 450 x 900mm sheets or modules and you’ll want accurate measurements so you know how many pieces you can fit in your space.​ At this stage, you’ll also want to consider the mounting hardware you require depending on whether you are fixing the pegboard to plasterboard, timber or masonry.

evaluate what you need to store

Next, you’ll need to consider the kinds of items you want to hang and store. Lay them out on some empty floor space, make some rough measurements to help you when purchasing the pegboard.

    Inventory and measure up

    Choose your hooks & trays

    Inventory and measure up

    The next step is to choose the right hooks and trays to suit your needs. One of the great things about our pegboard system is we also supply an extensive range of hooks and trays designed specifically for it. Simply visit the pegboard hooks section under storage on our website or click this link to check them out. Want some inspiration? Click to enlarge the images below of some common scenarios.

    Inventory and measure up

    how to install pegboard

    Now it’s time to install the pegboard!

    If you’re not confident with measurements and marking out there is a hanging process that has minimal marking out.

    Inventory and measure up

    1. Once you know where you want your pegboard to hang (TIP: if you’re mounting it in the corner of a room or up against a shelf, start installing your pegboard from that end) take a piece of pegboard and turn it around so the pegboard holes are facing the wall and put the pegboard up against the wall. (TIP: Ensure the keyholes are up the right way – skinny end facing up).

    2. Use a spirit level to make sure you have it straight and then use a pencil or marker to mark the wall through the highest keyholes (4th pegboard hole from the top). Do the same with the lowest keyholes (4th pegboard hole from the bottom). The only adjustment to be made before you fix your screws is the lowest marks need to be moved up 4mm to fit the key hole perfectly.


    3. When fixing the screws into the wall, fasten them until there is approximately 2mm of thread still showing on the screw so that it is a snug fit when the pegboard is hung. Once you’ve successfully hung the first piece of pegboard you can repeat the process for the remaining pieces.

    Fixing Tips: If attaching to plasterboard always check for any wiring behind using a stud finder and whenever possible look to drill into a stud. If going into the plasterboard use appropriate weight rated fixings for your intended use. If your intention is for heavy duty use it is not recommended to fix pegboard solely into plasterboard. If drilling into masonry you’ll need a hammer drill (on hammer setting), masonry bit and correct sized plugs. With the appropriate plugs in place, you should now be ready to put the screws in. The head of the screws being used should ideally be between 8-10mm wide so that it fits through the widest part of the keyhole but will not slip through the keyhole slot once installed.

    ATTACH hooks

    Chicken Coop

    Now attach your hooks and trays and hang and store your stuff. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how good it looks when you’re done.

     Wondering where to buy pegboard? Our pegboard and pegboard hooks are available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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