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If you’re struggling with storage space in your backyard you have a few options. You can create new space by building storage like a new garden shed. You could start throwing out some of that unused junk that’s been sitting in your backyard for years. Lastly, you could make better use of the space you have. Reorganise a few storage areas and you’ll be amazed by how much extra storage space you can create for yourself.

All of these options we mentioned can be very effective for creating new space in your backyard. But as hardware and storage specialists, we can give you a few handy tips for reorganising your garden shed. Follow these five tips and you’ll be well on your way to having a functional storage space in your backyard that helps to eliminate clutter.

1. Do a mass cleanout

Before you even begin to install new things in your garden shed it’s time to rethink what you really need in there. Go through the process of emptying everything out of your shed. Ask yourself questions like “when’s the last time I used this?, will I ever use this in the future, am I going to find the time to fix this?.” Many of the items you find in your garden shed could be things that you may never get around to fixing.

There may be items you no longer have a use for. So why not get rid of them by donating to charity, selling them online or throwing them straight into the bin? Cleaning out a storage space like your garden shed can end up being a therapeutic process. Try doing a cleanout like this every two or three years. It will help you prioritise the storage space you really need. This cleanout process may even prevent you from buying junk in the first place that will never get used.

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2. Install heavy duty shelving

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not taking advantage of the vertical space you have in the shed. It’s a sad and sorry image to see garden sheds with junk piled across the floor. This clutter makes it unsafe to move around your shed and very difficult to find the one thing you were actually after in the first place. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

From the ground to the roof there’s plenty of prime real estate there for storage. You just need something sturdy enough to hold all your heavy tools and equipment in place. So lookout for some heavy duty shelving you could install against the walls of your garden shed. Avoid installing this shelving near the door of your shed. This helps to make your shed easier to access and roll-out equipment like your lawnmower.

3. Customise wall storage with hooks

The wall space of your garden shed is another storage space that is often underutilised. If your shed space is too small for installing shelving along the walls and floor then why not consider an alternative? Storage hooks are the perfect solution for wall storage that won’t get in the way of your shed access. Try mounting these hooks near the roof of your shed. This enables you to hang extra-long tools and accessories while making the most of the space you have.

Storage hooks are fantastic for storing heavy tools like your leaf blower or whipper snipper. Other accessories like extension leads and rope can also be hung up against the wall to make way for other storage items in your shed. If you like to customise and change around your storage options at the drop of a hat then consider installing an S hook. These hooks don’t require screws for installation. They can easily be slotted into the roof of your shed so items can be hung down against the walls.

4. Use a pegboard for tool storage

When it comes to utilising wall space for storage, you can’t deny how useful pegboards can be. They’re lightweight and incredibly easy to install as well. Pegboards also give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to what you install on them. You could install shelving, hooks, racks and even storage totes for all your nails and screws.

With pegboards installed on the walls, you can customise the layout of your garden shed storage exactly the way you want. Simply change up your tool displays to create easy access to the things you need the most. So when you’re looking to free up more storage space on your shed floor, consider installing pegboards.

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5. Consider using mobile floor storage

If you love using your garden shed as a workshop then chances are you need plenty of room to move around. With your new storage options on the wall, you should have plenty of room on the floor to install a workbench and operate machinery. But if you’re looking to free up even more floor space then we’ve got another clever solution for you.

Consider using mobile drawers and cabinets for storage in your garden shed. These storage options are so versatile because they can easily be rolled around and repositioned in your shed to create more floor space. Check out our current range of mobile drawers and cabinets that come with caster wheels. They’re easy to roll around and lock into place. Move these around when you want to free up more floor space in your garden shed.

For more handy advice and inspiration head to our DIY Projects page. There you’ll find loads of project ideas you can get done using the latest range of Pinnacle Hardware products.

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