• CHS083
  • F/L: 0228007

Dimensions mm

38W x 80H x 8D

Pinnacle Snap Hooks are a quick and easy alternative for temporarily fixing ropes or chains together.

*WARNING: The Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) is the recommended maximum load – this product must not be used for any load that exceeds the stated W.L.L.. If this product is misused, overused, or not maintained properly it may reduce the W.L.L. it can handle. To ensure safe use, inspect the product regularly and replace if it is worn or damaged. Ensure all components used are appropriate: All components (including screws, links, shackles, hooks and chains etc.) used with the product must have a W.L.L. that is at least equal to the product, be of a suitable material, size and strength, be in good working condition and properly attached. Any fixing points used for the product must also be structurally sound and able to hold the W.L.L. at a minimum.


  • 230kg working load limit*
  • Resin coated black
  • Pack of 6
  • Not rated for lifting purposes


  • Finish: Resin Coated
  • Colour: Black

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