Shelving & wardrobe systems

Pinnacle metal shelving and wardrobe units provide the perfect interior storage solution for your study, kitchen, laundry, bathroom or bedrooms. These shelves are easy to assemble and suitable for storing large and heavy items in your home, office or garage. Many of our shelving units feature adjustable shelves that can be moved up and down to accommodate different heights.








Build your own adjustable shelving system

With a Pinnacle shelving unit, it’s easy to get storage in your home or office sorted. These units have adjustable shelving that enables you to change storage heights and accommodate tall items. Also, many of these shelves can have castor wheels installed on them. With wheels installed, you’ll be able to customise your storage setup in a matter of minutes by rolling your shelves into new positions.

Not sure if our interior shelving units can hold what you need to store? Simply check the load capacity of any model. Some of our units can hold up to 75kg on each shelf. So you can rest assured that your new Pinnacle metal shelving units can safely hold heavy items from kitchen appliances to books.

Looking to make the most of your home’s wardrobe spaces? Our wardrobe systems are designed with storage features such as overhead shelving, large hanging spaces and drawers. These wardrobes are reinforced with bracing that provides extra strength for holding large amounts of weight for all your clothing and accessories. Many of our wardrobe systems also come with adjustable feet that make it easy to achieve the right height for your wardrobe.

The Pinnacle Hardware interior shelving and wardrobe ranges are available online and in store at Bunnings Warehouse. So whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, or even Adeleaide, there’s a local Pinnacle Hardware retailer just around the corner.

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