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One of the hardest parts about getting a new storage solution for your garage is finding the right fit. Our modular garage storage range features a number of cabinets, drawer units, pegboards, workbenches, and other storage units that fit together with ease so you can make the most of your workspace. See them all in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse in Australia or New Zealand.



With the right-sized storage cabinets and drawers, you can make the most of the storage space you have in your garage, shed, or workshop. Many of our cabinets can be wall-mounted to fill up empty spaces above shelving or workbenches installed on the floor.

Looking to fill up corners of your workshop with more storage options? You may be surprised to learn that our wall-mounted cabinets have reversible doors. So when you install your new Pinnacle cabinets in challenging areas, you can have easy access with doors that open the right way. You can check out the full functionality of our modular storage range at your local Bunnings Warehouse in Australia or New Zealand.

Our modular range also includes mobile cabinets with heavy-duty castor wheels. So even when your Pinnacle cabinets are loaded with heavy equipment and tools, you’ll find them easy to roll around and reposition in your workspace. When you’ve found the perfect position, simply activate the castor wheel breaks to keep your cabinet securely in place.

Many of our cabinets and mobile units are key lockable providing a secure and safe storage solution for your most valuable tools. A number of our mobile cabinets also come with non-slip drawer lining to help prevent your valuable tools from moving around and being displaced from their compartments. The Pinnacle Hardware modular garage storage range is available online and in-store at Bunnings Warehouses across all capital cities including Melbourne, Sydney, and Wellington in New Zealand.