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Pinnacle Hardware shackles, bolts, and snap hooks are made for doing grunt work in the tough conditions of Australia and New Zealand. Each piece is built to last through operating tasks such as rigging and towing, thanks to the heavy duty materials they’re made from such as galvanised steel.


Pinnacle Hardware balustrading kits have many of the essential components you need to assemble balustrading at home in Australia or New Zealand. Our balustrading kits are perfect for installing on timber surfaces such as your decking or verandah in the backyard. These kits are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, a highly durable alloy that’s resistant to extreme weather and corrosion.

After selecting the right cable or wire option for your railing you can choose from a wide range of balustrading kits. These come in various sizes to suit wires as thin as 3.2mm or as wide as 4mm. After your balustrading kit is installed, you’ll find it easy to tighten or remove wires when required.

If you need to create temporary links on chains, ropes, or cables then consider one of our snap hooks. They’re made from highly durable materials and easy to attach thanks to a spring loaded closure. These snap hooks come in a range of sizes from 50mm to 100mm. Pinnacle Hardware shackles and snap hooks are available in multiple finishes such as stainless steel and matte black to match the design of your rigging and balustrading setups. You can shop the entire range of Pinnacle Hardware Rigging and Balustrading products from Bunnings Warehouse in stores across Australia and New Zealand.