Padbolts are a perfect solution for beefing up your gate security. This locking mechanism is corrosion resistant, easy to install and can be upgraded with a padlock. Pinnacle Hardware Pad Bolts are also available in various colours such as matte black and stainless steel.



Gate hardware, like latches, are perfect for closing and securing gates, but can they stop intruders from breaking in? To help boost the security of your side gate entrance, one of the best options is to install a heavy duty gate padbolt. Padbolts from our gate hardware range offer peace of mind. These padbolts can accommodate a padlock to help make your home’s side entry safe from intruders.

Most Pinnacle Hardware padbolts are made from heavy duty steel that’s extremely resistant to corrosion. When you install one of these padbolts, you’re using a solution that will last for decades to come. These Padbolts are available in a range of finishes including stainless steel and matte black,so you’re bound to find an option that will match the style of your gate.

The Pinnacle Hardware range of Padbolts is available across Australia including major capital cities like Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Simply visit your local Bunnings Warehouse to shop our Padbolts today.