For any new door installation, you want door hardware that will last. If you’ve invested in quality materials such as premium timber and locks, then don’t let down the rest of your setup with a poor quality door hinge. Explore the Pinnacle Hardware range of Heavy Duty Hinges to find a more reliable solution for your door.



The Pinnacle Hardware range of Heavy Duty Hinges is full of reliable options to keep your door operating as it should. Over the years, your door will get exposed to elements that are out of your control. Extreme temperatures and exposure to water can diminish the quality of lesser quality door hinges.

You can rest assured that Pinnacle Hardware Heavy Duty Hinges are manufactured using quality materials that will stand the test of time. For easy installation, most Pinnacle Hardware Hinges come with either a loose pin that makes them suitable for indoor use. A selection of our butt hinges feature a fixed pin making them suitable for internal and external doors.

Pinnacle Hardware hinges come in a range of styles and finishes to suit the look of any door. This range of heavy duty hinges is available across Australia. You can shop these products in any capital city across Australia from Perth all the way to Melbourne and Sydney. Simply visit your local Bunnings Warehouse to see our full range of Hinges.