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The humble screw will always be one of the most versatile fastening solutions. So many building projects (big and small) are kept together with heavy-duty screw types including cap screws, and hex head screws. When you need a reliable fastening solution that won’t let you down, explore the Pinnacle range of screws in Bunnings stores across Australia and New Zealand.



For any building project to be a success, you need a set of reliable tools, materials, and fastening solutions. Compromise on the quality for any of these, and things might not go the way you planned. When you need to attach materials like timber and metal you need a reliable fastening solution like the range of Pinnacle screws.

The Pinnacle range of screws is full of fastening solutions including set screws, cap screws, countersunk screws, and security screws. Many of these products are made from high-quality materials that won’t buckle under pressure. Our black countersunk screws are coated in a corrosion-resistant coating that ensures reliable performance under extreme weather conditions common in Australia and New Zealand. 

For industrial and engineering projects our range of cap screws provide a secure fastening solution. They’re easy to install and remove with the simple turn of an Allen key. Trying to assemble some timber frames? Chances are you’ll need a fastening solution that enables you to make wooden planks sit up flush against each other. Our countersunk screws provide the optimum solution for scenarios just like this. Install some Pinnacle countersunk screws into your frame and they won’t stick out above the surface of the wood. You can find the entire range of Pinnacle screws available at Bunnings Warehouse stores in Australia and New Zealand.