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The Pinnacle range of nuts is made for a wide range of fastening applications in Australia and New Zealand. Our range includes hex nuts, wing nuts, and speed nuts. Pinnacle hex nuts feature an internal screw thread that provides a secure connection and prevents any loosening after being installed on materials like timber and metal.



Looking for a heavy-duty fastening solution? We’ve got more than a few in our massive range of heavy-duty nuts. Our range includes hex nuts, wing nuts, lock nuts, and speed nuts which can be used for a variety of fastening applications. Most of our nuts come in standard zinc plating or yellow zinc plating that provides them with resistance to corrosion in environments common in Australia and New Zealand.

If you need a superior nut that won’t let you down then consider our range of lock nuts. These fastening options come with nylon inserts that improve their resistance to vibrations. So they’re far less likely to loosen up after being installed. Alternatively, we also have wing nuts which are easy to both tighten and loosen when convenience is a priority.

Many of our lock nuts and wing nuts are made with 316 marine-grade stainless steel and galvanised steel. These alloys provide superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive factors. If you’re looking for an alternative to most generic nut designs then try our speed nuts. These fasteners grip tightly to secure fastener threads with a spring clip that eliminates threading and grooving operations. You can find the entire range of Pinnacle nuts available at Bunnings Warehouse stores in Australia and New Zealand.