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Mastering pegboard organisation: The secret art to reinventing your space

If you hear the word pegboard and immediately think of the garage or craft room, you’ve come to the right place. A pegboard is so much more than just a place to hang power tools and thread spools; it’s an instrument for organising the rest of your home as well. All you need is a little inspiration. 

To give you that spark, we’ve put together these simple but effective tips for mastering pegboard organisation. 

Why you need a pegboard organiser

The beauty of a pegboard is its versatility; any space in your home can benefit from the style of visual organisation. As long as you have space on the wall to attach the pegboard, you can use it to organise almost anything. 

Making the most of your wall space also means you don’t have to rely on other types of storage that take up precious room on the floor.

Top 5 pegboard organisation ideas

Now, let’s take that pegboard for a quick trip around your home and see where it can make a difference.  

Laundry room

For a room whose purpose is to clean, the laundry gets pretty messy. Most laundries are compact, too, which only multiplies the messiness.

Bring a pegboard into this scenario and watch cleanliness return. Hang ironing boards and foldable clothes racks, baskets of pegs, and anything else that’s taking up valuable real estate. If you like to separate clothing types before you wash them, you can hang individual baskets for easy sorting on laundry day.  

Garden shed

Do you dread opening the shed door and risking all your gardening tools coming tumbling out? 

A metal pegboard is a great way to remedy this. Unlike a wood pegboard, it’s durable and weather-proof and will lift almost everything off the shed floor, making it safer to navigate. Attach the pegboard to the wall facing the shed door if you can. That way, when it’s time for a bit of lawn maintenance, you’ll have everything hung in plain sight.  

Kid’s bedroom

The kid’s bedroom is a unique beast. It’s a room that seemingly invents new ways to get grubby. Simply add a pegboard and give their favourite toys and treasures a place to hang that isn’t all over the floor or under the bed. 

Whether you set it above their study desk or on the back of the door, you can clear any school backpacks, stationery, teddies, and even the endless piles of crayon art. You can even let your kids decide how they want to decorate it. And redecorate it once they get sick of it.

Kid’s drawings and stationery organised on Pinnacle’s metal pegboards.


If you’re the type of chef who thrives when all your equipment is laid out before you, then it’s simple: you need a pegboard in your kitchen. Dedicating a space on your kitchen wall for all your pots, pans, and knives will save time spent on your knees foraging through deep drawers, looking for that garlic crusher you swore was in there. 

And if the population of your pantry has grown well beyond a reasonable level, stick a pegboard on the back of the pantry door. Suddenly, your entire spice collection hangs before you like colour palettes in a paint store. 

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Hallways and corridors

Of all the spaces in your home that could do with a little more floor—and head—space, the hallway is the one that often gets forgotten. 

With a pegboard along the wall next to the front door, you can keep coats, hats, scarves, and umbrellas off the well-trodden path and at arm’s reach when you head out. If you attach a pegboard that stretches to the hallway floor, attaching a shelf to it allows you to keep muddy joggers and jandals from becoming dangerous obstacles. 

Installing a pegboard

You’re undoubtedly smitten with how pegboard organisation can open your home and keep things tidy. Before you rush out and buy a pegboard for each room, there are a couple of things to remember. One, make sure you have room for a pegboard. And not just wall space. While a pegboard does buy you space, installing one will be for nothing if it restricts space somewhere else.

Two, decide beforehand what you want to use the pegboard for. If you’re going to hang your frying pan collection, lay it on the floor somewhere to visualise the size of the pegboard you’ll need. Doing this will also help you decide what pegboard hooks you need. 

Once you’ve sorted these steps, it’s simply a matter of installing your pegboard. Use our helpful guide to get you started on the first pegboard.

Master your home storage and organisation with Pinnacle!

At Pinnacle, we’ve always enjoyed thinking outside the box. Especially when it comes to organising your home. That’s why we love offering helpful advice on giving things like the humble pegboard a new lease on life. 

If you’re ready to embrace this incredibly versatile item, pop into your local Bunnings today, and together, let’s transform your home!


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