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Keeping your pets safe in their outdoor enclosures

Keeping your pet safe is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a pet owner. But mitigating risks and keeping your pets happy and healthy can be both a duty and a joy. So, if you’ve been wondering about how to protect your pets while they’re exploring the outdoors, an enclosure is a great way to give them a haven that keeps them safe from the elements.

Outdoor enclosures allow your pet to commune with nature as they’re supposed to. Chickens need to flap their wings, cats need to scratch trees, and dogs have to sniff new smells. An enclosure allows your pet to experience the great outdoors while still keeping them out of danger. 

Benefits of backyard pet enclosures

If you keep your pets in outdoor enclosures, they’ll be secure if a predator enters the yard or even a pet thief. Many enclosures, like our chicken coops and hutches, can be locked so no one can get away with your pet. 

Having your pets outdoors in a safe enclosure also means you can still spend time with them, but when you’re away, they have a dedicated space with protection from the elements. Certain pets, such as chickens and some larger dogs, may not be suitable indoors.

In contrast, pets like rabbits or cats may benefit from part-time indoors and part-time outdoors with an enclosure. You have more options when you use enclosures, and you allow your pets to experience the outdoors without the associated dangers.

Backyard timber dog kennel 'The Shack'

Types of outdoor enclosures

There is a broad range of pet enclosures available on the market today, like: 

Pinnacle products are sturdy and high-quality, and many have features that make them easy to clean – like the lift-up lid on ‘The Shack’ dog kennel or the removable metal tray in our coops.

You can trust that your pets will be safe and dry even throughout the winter months. You can make a warm bed for your chooks by properly setting up a backyard chicken coop, or you can create a comfy kennel for your dog. Putting effort and imagination into furnishing enclosures can help your pet adjust to their new environment.

Safety for pets outdoors

Having room to move

It’s worth ensuring your pet has plenty of space in their enclosure. If they don’t, they could become distressed, especially if you are not in their presence. They could also become injured from trying to escape a small enclosure. 

Providing shelter

Many of our Pinnacle enclosures have shelter from the weather built into them – like our dog kennels, rabbit hutches, and chicken coops. They feature waterproof roofs so the rain splashes off and doesn’t soak into the enclosure or cause leaks. 

Protecting from danger

Predators are a constant threat outdoors, but when you have the right enclosure, you can keep your pets safe from danger. Choose enclosures that can be locked for extra safety, and don’t put chicken coops or rabbit hutches too far away from thoroughfares. 

Keeping outdoor enclosures clean

Cleanliness is important for pets, as bacteria can spread disease and encourage pests, especially in the case of chickens. Cleaning out your pet’s enclosure regularly will help keep them healthy and happy. 

Get your pet enclosures from Pinnacle Hardware

We have many pet enclosures, from chicken coops to dog kennels, to rabbit hutches. All are made from solid, top-quality materials to last throughout the seasons, even in the depths of winter. 

See our full range of pet products online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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