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Keep your tools safe and secure in your garage


Most DIY enthusiasts know that every time you start on a new project, you find yourself constantly looking for your tools. It’s so mysterious how those small objects can vanish right when you need them the most! Leaving your tools in plain sight comes with additional problems, like exposing them to the elements and risking them to rust, or keeping them out of the reach of curious kids. But with the right tool storage ideas and sets of hardware, you can keep your tools organised, safe and secure.

Here are a few great ways you can use hardware such as tool trolleys to hold the most essential items of your garage in a place that’s easy to locate. These are ideal tips to keep your tools in good working order by keeping them securely stored in the right manner.

The simple but mighty pegboard

For all the tools you use the most regularly, setting up a pegboard on the wall adjacent to your workbench will be a lifesaver. Pegboards are must-have tool storage ideas because of their endless customisation capabilities. You can use a variety of hooks, trays, and other pegboard accessories to fit in tools of all shapes and sizes, and keep them easily accessible while you work. A pegboard is also a great implement for garden tools, or even as a decorative display. You can also use the pegboard grooves to install additional heavy duty floating shelves, so you can keep toolboxes off the floor.

Increased mobility with tool trolleys

Do you need to keep your tools securely stashed away but also require them to be easily accessible whenever you need them? This dilemma is solved with the help of mobile tool trolleys, such as the Pro Series Tool Trolley from Pinnacle Hardware. This top-of-the-line upgrade in tool trolleys comes with multiple fully lockable chests, robust suspension castors for smooth movement, and rubber handles for a comfortable grip. It also comes with outlets and USB ports so you can easily recharge your power tools, and store them neatly within their nooks. A multi-storage tool trolley can revolutionise your garage storage with its compact practicality.

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Don’t sweat the really small stuff

Aside from regular tools, fasteners and fixings are the one thing you need to stock every garage with. Bolts, nuts and screws are the easiest things to lose or misplace, so how do you make sure you never run out of them? The answer is a simple drawer organiser, which can fit perfectly within the drawers of your tool trolleys. There are also heavy duty drawer organisers for more fragile fasteners, and benchtop organisers in case you want to keep them in plain sight. You can easily separate your tools within your drawers by using a mounting rack, so they don’t simply lie scattered in a pile. When putting together your tool storage ideas, don’t forget to make sure there’s a place for every ‘little’ thing!

Safety first

Finally, there’s the tools that you want to keep out of reach of easy access, especially if your garage also has a children’s play area. You can think like a tradie and invest in sturdy lockable portable chests, either tough plastic or metal being good options. Look for tool trolleys and tall drawers that also feature lockable cabinets. Or, you could simply install an overhead cabinet with pneumatic doors. This makes sure hazardous objects are kept safely out of reach of little hands, but also increases your storage space by keeping things off the floor. Your tool storage ideas can be multipurpose in ways you don’t realise!

Explore great tool storage ideas with Pinnacle Hardware

Whether your garage storage needs are big or small, we’ve got everything you need to help you set up an organised and functional space for the whole family. Our hardware combines great industrial design with high-quality construction so you have a reliable storage solution for the long term.

See our full range of garage storage on our website, or look for them at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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