How to reset code for DSS002-019


Today we show you how to get your new Ikonic Digital Lock ready for installation.

  • Total Time : 10 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level : Beginner

Step 1

Watch our video, or follow the instructions below!

Step 2

Your digital lock comes pre-set with a code. The code card in the packaging tells you the numbers of this code. As a tip, we recommend always pushing the C button first to make sure the mechanism is clear.

Step 3

After testing the pre-set code as shown, turn the digital lock over and use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove the small backing plate.

Step 4

You’ll notice the lock comes with red and blue pins. The red pins are used to set your code and the blue pins are blank.

Step 5

To change the code you must, while holding the C button down, use the supplied tweezers to remove the red pins from the pre-set code.

Step 6

Replace them with blue pins.

Step 7

Now, depending on your chosen code, remove the blue tumblers for each number of your chosen code.

Step 8

Insert red pins into each number of your chosen code. We’ve chosen the code 6 7 8 9. Once all red pins are in, push the C button down until all the red pins drop into place.

Step 9

Replace the small backing plate and fix with the provided screws and test your new code by pressing the C button and the numbers of your new code and test the handle.

Step 10

Download instructions for DSS002

Step 11

Download instructions for DSS019

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