How to refit an ikonic passage lever


In this “How to” project we are going to show you how to replace your old outdated door furniture with a new IKONIC Slimline Passage Lever to bring a modern look to your home.

  • Total Time : 40 Minutes
  • Tools Used : Flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, Drill, PH2 drill bit and a Door lock installation kit.
  • Difficulty Level : Intermediate

Step 1

Watch our video, or follow the steps below!

Step 2

Tools Required: • Flat head screwdriver • Phillips head PH2 screwdriver • Door lock installation kit • Drill • PH2 drill bit

Step 3

Start your project by removing your old door furniture from your door. In most cases a Phillips or flat-head screwdriver will work.

Step 4

If your removing old door furniture in most cases, you will be required to drill larger holes in order to suit modern door furniture. The easiest way to do this is to buy a “Door lock installation kit” from Bunnings. Start by fixing the template onto your door using the same screws as your latch. Once you’re happy with the placement use the 54mm hole saw (included in the installation kit) and drill halfway through the door from the back and then finish the hole from the front of the door, this will prevent the wood from splintering. Now drill a larger hole for the latch by using the 25mm hole saw that is also included in the installation kit.

Step 5

Insert the new latch and fix with the provided screws, now insert the lever into position ensuring the three prongs engage the latch and fix together. We recommend positioning the lever, so the screws are fixed from the inside.

Step 6

It is important that you test the lever functions as intended before closing the door.

Step 7

Once you’re happy with the lever now it’s time to update the striker plate. Remove the old plate and simply fix new one by utilising the same screw holes.

Step 8

Ikonic's slimline passage lever set features a quality matte black finish, adjustable back set and is easy to install. To top it off, this kit is backed by a 3 year warranty.

Step 9

Download the assembly instructions

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