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How to organise your home gym equipment

Back in 2020, gyms across Australia were shut, and many Australians discovered how convenient it was to set up gyms at home. Old garages, sheds, and studies were converted into makeshift home gyms. Home DIY enthusiasts really shined with some great examples of home gym setups which they shared on social media. Sharp-eyed observers might have noticed how some of our shelving products were used to help assemble these home gyms.

Inspired by this clever use of our garage storage range, we’re here to share with you some space-saving and organisational tips and ideas for your home gym. Here we’ll cover why products like our garage shelving and pegboards can make the perfect addition to your home gym. Their rugged construction makes them perfect for storing some of your more heavy-duty gym equipment. Options like our garage shelving are strong enough to hold those heavy barbells and medicine balls.


It can start to get a bit messy and unsafe having weights and loose equipment all over the floor. That’s why many home gym enthusiasts choose to set up wall storage and garage shelving units. Using these storage options also helps to maximise the space you have on the floor, allowing more room to do floor exercises or install equipment like a gym rack and exercise bike.

For home gym equipment like your medicine balls and kettlebells, you’ll need a storage solution that’s built for holding heavy items. Try adding up the total amount of weight you’ll be storing to know the shelf capacity you need. This should be easy to work out when you count all the weights in your home gym collection. Next up, you’ll need to find a storage solution with a weight rating high enough. This ensures your new storage solution will be safe and secure.

Check out our latest range of adjustable Garage Shelving Units and you’ll notice that many of them boast an impressive weight capacity. Take our 4 Tier Urban Series Shelving Unit as a perfect example. It’s got a weight capacity of 200kg per shelf. You can easily adjust the shelf heights of these Urban Series shelves to accommodate the size of your equipment too. To top it all off, we think many of our shelves are easy on the eye too. Their polished timber shelves and matte black frames will look great in any bedroom or home gym space. Our shelving is also great to customise to suit your needs, whether that’s using a bungee cord to create a storage solution for any loose sports balls or using hangers to create space for activewear.

Ball Sports Shelf 1
Ball Sports Shelf 2


We’ve seen many creative uses for our pegboards. Some DIY enthusiasts have used them for hanging tools, kitchen accessories, and office equipment. The only real limit is your imagination. When it comes to storing home gym equipment, you may be surprised by what our pegboards are capable of holding. Some perfect examples include everyday gym items like skipping ropes, resistance bands, and towels. Our pegboards also mount onto the side of some shelving units making it a great option if you don’t have wall space for it.

For lightweight items, there are plenty of hanging options you can find in our hooks range. Prong hooks are easy to clip onto a pegboard. These hooks can be used to hang lightweight items like gym towels and keys. They can simply be adjusted whenever you want to reconfigure the way your pegboard is set up.

Magnetic hooks and clips are other easy options that are simple to readjust and move around when you need to. You could use this Magnetic Clip for holding onto paper items like your workout schedule. Need a spot to hold your drink bottle or some spare chalk? Try this nifty Storage Tray that’s compatible with our pegboard range.

For storing heavier items on your pegboard, you will need to install a stronger option like our Heavy Duty Single Prong Hook. We’ve got a great little video that shows how to install one of these securely. These hooks can be screwed in for a strong and secure hold. Try hanging heavier items like cable machine attachments and small dumbells.

home gym equipment

Image courtesy of @rm_powerhouse

home gym equipment second

Image courtesy of @macallisterstrengthco


Another perfect example of storage is our range of benches. A smaller option like our Urban Series Industrial Bench is perfect for storing items like your runners, yoga mats and foam rollers. With a maximum load capacity of 200kg, you could easily store your heavier items on this, like your dumbbells and small weight plates.

Installing these benches alongside other Pinnacle Garage Shelving units is a great way to tie the look of your home gym together. You’ll see all of the storage options from our Urban Series range have matching matte black frames and timber benchtops/shelves.

bench storage img


If you love mixing the latest tech with your workout routine, then we have no doubt you’ve got a few fitness gadgets at home. Gadgets like your digital interval timer and percussive massager make a fantastic addition to your home gym. But if you’re concerned about the security of gadgets like these, then why not get a secure storage solution for them?

Garage cabinets are a perfect solution for securing gym storage. They’re robust, and many options today come with lockable features. Take our current range of heavy duty garage cabinets as a perfect example. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit in with your home gym space. Many of our cabinets are modular, too so it’s easy to assemble them together. The adjustable shelving also allows you to customise the shelving sizes to suit different needs. You have the ability to store larger sports equipment such as golf clubs and rackets as well as creating shoe storage to maximise all the shelf space. Combine our cabinet with some magnetic hooks, and you can even hang your sportswear and towels.

If you like being able to customise your gym for a particular workout, then you’ll need storage that is easy to move around and flexible. Storage options like our Single Door Mobile Cabinet make it easy to customise your gym as it has wheels. This feature makes it easy to roll around and place into a new position with minimal effort.

Gym Garage 1
Gym Garage 2
Gym Garage 3
Gym Garage 4


Feeling inspired to set up your own gym at home? We’re confident you’ll find plenty of storage solutions in our wide range of garage shelving, pegboard and cabinet products. What matters most is the quality of the products you’re using. As many home gym-goers have already discovered, our products are built for heavy-duty storage.

Products like our garage shelving are customisable and strong enough to store some of your favourite pieces of home gym equipment. When you’ve finished assembling your home gym equipment with a few of our products, make sure you tag us on social media! We love seeing the end result of what everyday Aussies can achieve with creative ideas and the right products.

You can start assembling your home gym storage today. Simply head to your local Bunnings Warehouse, where you can find our entire range of garage shelving, workbenches and pegboards on display.


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