How to install 450x900mm pegboard


In this How To video we show you how to install a Pinnacle 450 x 900mm Pegboard. It is the perfect addition to any workshop for keeping your items organised and easily accessible.

  • Total Time : 15 Minutes
  • Tools Used : Safety glasses, Drill driver, PH2 Driver bit, Measuring tape, Pencil, Stud finder, Fixings
  • Difficulty Level : Intermediate

Step 1

Download the installation instructions

Step 2

Or, watch our video!

Step 3

Turn the pegboard around with the small holes facing the wall and mark the 4th hole from the top and the 4th hole from the bottom on the left and right sides of the pegboard.

Step 4

Adjust the 2 bottom holes up by 4mm for a better fit.

Step 5

Drill holes and then fix the screws to the wall, leaving 2mm of the thread visible. Handy hint: Use a screw with a 8-10mm head so it fits through the widest part of the key hole but will not slip through the narrow part once installed.

Step 6

Attach the pegboard and hooks.

Step 7

Tighten the screws.

Step 8

The Pinnacle 450 x 900 pegboard can be used in various locations for all your organisation needs.

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