How to build a chicken coop


At Pinnacle Hardware, we’ve made getting a home for your chickens simple and affordable with an end result that any chicken or rooster would be happy to call home. The following How To page will guide you through the steps in assembling your chicken coop.

  • Total Time : 45 Minutes
  • Tools Used : Phillips-head screwdriver or drill with a Phillips-head drill bit, safety goggles
  • Difficulty Level : Beginner-Intermediate

Step 1

Instructions are included in the box or download them here.

Step 2

Tools required: Phillips-head screwdriver or drill with a Phillips-head drill bit, safety goggles.

Step 3

Ensure your chosen location is suitable for your chicken coop and large enough for your chicken’s needs.

Step 4

Before you begin assembling your chicken coop, lay out all the parts to make assembly quicker and easier.

Step 5

Start by putting together the walls of the enclosed section of the chicken coop and fixing together with the screws provided.

Step 6

Next, attach the mesh walls to form the exterior section of the chicken coop.

Step 7

Now, assemble the separate laying box and attach to the opening of the enclosed section before placing the divider in. Attach the supports for the flooring in the main sections and slide in the removable tray.

Step 8

Finally, secure the roof panels onto your chicken coop to complete it.

Step 9

For more chicken coop ideas and helpful hints, be sure to check out our DIY blog dedicated to everything about chicken coops.

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