How to install and reset code for dss001


Today we show you how to get your new Ikonic Digital Lock ready and installed.

  • Total Time : 60 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level : Beginner-Intermediate

Step 1

Watch our video, or follow the steps below!

Step 2

Your digital lock comes pre-set with a code. As a tip, we recommend always pushing the C button first to make sure the mechanism is clear. After testing the pre-set code as shown, turn the digital lock over. You’ll notice each button on the lock has a dial that is coloured red on one half. The buttons in the current code will have the red half of their dial facing outwards.

Step 3

To change the code use a flat-head screw driver to turn the dials of the current code 180 degrees so the red half faces inwards.

Step 4

We will be setting the new code to 6-7-8-9, to do this turn the dials of each button from your chosen code 180 degrees so the red half of the dial faces outwards.

Step 5

Now test your new code by pressing the C button and the numbers of your new code and test the handle. Now you’re ready to install it.

Step 6

Watch our video on how to install or continue following the steps below.

Step 7

Your digital lock comes with an installation template which you can use as a guide for drilling your holes as well instructions for how to do this.

Step 8

After drilling your holes, secure the latch using the provided screws.

Step 9

Attach the two bolt adaptors, top and bottom, to the front half of the digital lock.

Step 10

Then attach the bolt guide to Hole A for a door opening to the right or Hole B for a door opening to the left.

Step 11

Attach one half of the digital lock to the door together with the seal and hold steady while inserting the spindle from the other side (as per the instructions).

Step 12

Attach the other seal and the other half of the digital lock and hold while fixing with the provided screws.

Step 13

Check the handle and latch work correctly including the handle lock which allows the door to be opened without using the handle.

Step 14

Now check the code works and the lock functions correctly. Finally, install the striker plate onto the door jamb as per the instructions. And that’s it.

Step 15

Download the instructions here:

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