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How to set up a backyard chicken coop


Chickens are not only great additions to a family home for the eggs they lay, they also make good pets. Hens have a surprising amount of personality, and kids love them. Allow your kids to give your chickens names to help them bond with their new birds. It’s pretty simple to set up a backyard chicken coop when you choose from Pinnacle products. Below we’ll discuss everything you need to consider when setting up your coop.

Making sure your chickens are comfortable and healthy

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Get permission

Your local council may have rules around owning chickens, so it’s best to contact them before you invest in a chicken coop. Other people you may want to check in with before you get stuck in are your neighbours. Just mentioning that you intend to have chickens (and wish to share some eggs with them occasionally) can help you prepare. It’s also only polite if you are thinking of having a rooster, as they can be very noisy early in the morning. There may also be fencing considerations if they have pets you need to keep out of your backyard.

Choose a location

When considering how to set up a backyard chicken coop, you need to think about the location. Coop location is a significant element in the safety and hygiene of your chickens. Chicken coops should be on high ground so they don’t flood, get mired in mud or suffer too much moisture. If there is no high ground on your property, an elevated coop will be necessary. If you’re asking yourself how to set up a backyard chicken coop, you need to know that it’s best to locate it close to the home or in a high-foot-traffic area. This act will deter predators, and keep your coop away from foliage. Egg-laying is more prolific when your enclosure is in sunlight, so keep that in mind.

Pick the right coop size

Ensure you leave at least 4 square feet of space per bird if there is an outdoor range in the coop. Similarly, the outdoor space should also allow 4 square feet per chicken. All of our Pinnacle chicken coops have an outdoor “run” for the health of your flock. The number of chickens you want will determine your coop’s size. It’s a good idea to start small and look after fewer chickens while you get the hang of it. You can always add more later on. You don’t want to overcrowd your chickens, as that can lead to fighting, injuries, a build-up of faeces and a greater likelihood of parasites entering the coop.

Acquire a coop

You’ve scoped out the location, asked permission and considered coop size. The next thing to do is to acquire a coop. There are many ways you can do this. You can buy second-hand or convert an existing structure, such as a wooden shed, into a pen. You can build one from scratch or take advantage of our range of chicken coops at Pinnacle. We have two sturdy, comfortable and spacious coops to choose from. If you’re wondering how to set up a backyard chicken coop, the easiest way is to buy an easy-to-assemble one from us. The Castle features a separate laying box with a lid to access eggs and a removable metal tray for easy cleaning. The Manor has a waterproof roof with raised floor for extra comfort. Both models of the coops come with instructions. See our article to find out how to build a chicken coop.

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Furnish your coop

If you want your chickens to be healthy and comfortable, you must furnish your coop with all the fowl-centric creature comforts. Cover the floor and nest boxes with wood shavings or straw to a depth of 6 inches. Your chickens’ bedding will need to be changed at least once a month, or more, if you have many chickens and it starts to be contaminated with faecal matter. Cleaning your coop regularly is the best way to avoid pests and diseases in your flock. Provide waterers to allow your chickens easy access to clean water. Your feed trough will need to be big enough for all your chickens to eat at once to ensure no one misses out.

Setting up a backyard chicken coop is easy with Pinnacle

With our range of spacious chicken coops, your hens will be secure, happy and in eggcellent health! The handy tips above on what you need to consider will guide you in the right direction to enjoy home-laid eggs in no time at all.

See our full range of coops online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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