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How to keep dog houses warm in winter

Like any pet owner, we only want the best for our canine companions. So, as we come into the cold winter months, keeping your dog warm and safe is an important priority. A dog house is a great way to provide shelter from the cold, whether it’s indoors or outside.

But what size should you get, and what are the best ways to keep your dog warm? At Pinnacle Hardware, we offer a range of dog kennels and a thorough guide to keeping your dog cosy and comfortable in winter.

How to pick the perfect dog house

Choosing the ideal house for your dog requires careful consideration of the size of the kennel and its weather resistance and location. Here’s how to pick a house for your pup and utilise the space you’ve got.

Choose the right size

Selecting the right size dog house is crucial for your pet’s comfort. A kennel that is too small may restrict movement. But one that is too large won’t be able to retain your dog’s body heat. 

To determine the appropriate-sized house for your dog, measure your dog’s height, weight, and length, then add 7-10 cm to these measurements to ensure your dog has enough space to stand up and turn around. 

Consider the growth of your dog

Keep in mind that puppies can outgrow their kennel fast. To accommodate their growth, consider purchasing a larger kennel than necessary. Then use a box or kennel separator with soft blankets or mats to create a cosy and secure environment.

Make sure it’s weatherproof

Dog kennels need to be made from a warm, sturdy material. Our outdoor dog houses are made from naturally durable timber that features a sloped, waterproof roof to shield from rain and an elevated floor to avoid the icy ground.

Scope out a location

For kennels, choose a location in your yard that is protected from harsh winds and flooding. If possible, place the dog house against an exterior wall of your home. The shared wall can provide extra warmth, especially if it’s well-insulated on the inside.

range of dog kennels for indoor and outdoor

How to make the dog house warm

Before winter arrives, it’s essential to ensure your dog’s house is in good condition. A well-maintained dog house will provide better insulation and protection against the cold. Follow these quick steps to heat-proof your dog’s house.

Seal any cracks 

Inspect outdoor dog kennels for any cracks or gaps that may allow cool air to enter. Seal off these openings using caulk or weatherproofing materials. Or, consider installing a dog door to block the wind while also allowing easy access for your furry friend.

Prioritise comfortable bedding

Line the floor of outdoor dog houses with cedar chips, which naturally repel fleas and other insects. Then, add blankets, towels, and a cosy dog bed to provide extra warmth and comfort.

Minimise open space

Smaller spaces keep more heat. Filling both indoor and outdoor houses with spare blankets and old towels can reduce empty space and help trap the warmth.

Add some paint

Painting the dog kennel a dark colour, such as black, will absorb more heat from the sun, helping to keep the interior warmer. It’s also a fun way to customise their house and show off their personality.

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Choosing the right-sized dog kennel ensures your canine companion has a warm and inviting space to bunker down. 

Pinnacle Hardware’s dog kennel range has all your dog’s needs covered. Whether you’re looking for a home for your small, medium or large-pawed companion, they will be keeping warm this winter. 

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