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How to install a gate latch

When you need a new gate latch, there are a few things you should consider first. Like how easily your gate will open and close or whether any extra security is necessary. Do you have kids or pets you need to think about in case the gate gets left open? With the right latch, you’ll have complete control over how your gate operates and keeps your property secure.

Types of gate latches

There are lots of different latches and lock types that will allow you to secure your gate, with an option to suit every need. From easy opening to pad-lockable latches, you can also choose from various styles and finishes to get the look you want. 

Gate latch

Ideal for use on gates but can also be employed indoors, this latch can be padlocked for extra security. Useful equally for gates that get everyday wear, as well as ones that are used infrequently.

Gate hook

If you want a simple, easy-to-operate solution that keeps your gate closed and easy to reopen, opt for a gate hook. They can also be used on internal doors and cupboards. 

Spring-loaded gate latches

These kinds of gate latches use a spring to close the gate. The major advantage of spring-loaded gates is that they operate with a smoother action. 

Ring style gate latch

For those who place high importance on aesthetics, the ring style gate latch brings elegance to any gate. 

Dual opening gate latch

This gate latch allows you to open the gate from either side without using a handhole. It can also be used with a padlock for extra security. 

Slide bolt latch

This heavy-duty, multipurpose latch can be locked from one side only and can be padlocked. It has a stainless steel composition for greater durability. 

Barrel bolt

A barrel bolt is a simple yet effective latch for locking gates and doors where absolute security is not an issue. 

When choosing the right type of latch for your gate, you should think about how frequently you use your gate. Are you often juggling lots of little people or things when you do? Then, a simple latch that enables swift movement will be the one for you. Gates that need to keep intruders out, however, will require a latch that allows a padlock to be fitted.

Different types of gates latches

Simple steps to install a gate latch

Installing a gate latch is a simple DIY you can do at home to improve the look and security of any gate. In just 10 minutes, you’ll have a fully functional gate latch that will serve you for many years to come. 

Total Time: 10 Minutes

Tools Used: 

  • Safety glasses
  • Pencil 
  • 2mm drill bit
  • PH2 driver bit
  • Drill 
  • Gate latch

Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Step 1

Gather your tools and hardware, including your chosen gate latch.

Step 2

Put the gate latch bar in the spot you want it, and mark the screw locations with a pencil.

Step 3

Drill pilot holes with your 2mm drill bit and add in your screws, then fasten. 

Step 4

Align your latch with the bar so they interact properly, and mark the screw locations with a pencil.

Step 5

Drill pilot holes with your 2mm drill bit. Then, add the screws and fasten. 

Step 6

Open and close your gate to admire your handiwork.

Get the right gate latch from Pinnacle

We have a large selection of gate latches, ranging from the eminently practical to the beautiful and everything in between. As you can see from this installation guide, our latches are easy to install. 

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