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How to choose the right size kennel for your dog

There are loads of advantages when it comes to having a pet house for your dog. But how do you choose the right size? The size of a kennel can profoundly affect how your dog feels. If the space is too small, it might be uncomfortable and hard for your dog to move around. If it’s too large, you might be using up unnecessary space in your home or backyard. Here’s how you can choose a kennel that’s the perfect fit for your pup.

Dog kennel size for puppies

If you have brought home a puppy, remember that it will grow quickly. If it’s a large breed, you might want to buy a larger kennel, to begin with. Then, you can use a box, kennel separator, and soft blankets or mats, so they feel cosy and safe.

Dog kennel size considerations

There are a few things you need to think about when buying a kennel to ensure you’re making the right choice for your dog. Finding the right kennel size for your dog’s height and weight will make it easier to decide on the type you need.

Measure your dog’s height  

The height of your dog will determine the right kennel size to buy, and you can take this measurement with a simple tape measure. While your dog is standing, measure from the tip of the nose horizontally to the base of your dog’s tail. Then, while your dog is sitting, measure from the ground to the tips of your dog’s ears. If they have low ears, you can just measure to the tip of the head. Now add 7-10 cm to those measurements, and you will have the amount of space your dog needs for a comfortable kennel.

Weigh your dog

If you’re taking your dog to the vet soon, you can have them weighed there. But if you’re not, you can weigh them using the scales you have at home. If you struggle to get your dog to stay still, you can weigh yourself, then jump on the scale while holding your dog and subtract your own weight from the equation.

Different breeds have different weights, and this could affect how robust your kennel needs to be. Small dogs usually weigh less than 15 to 20 kg, medium-sized dogs weigh 20 to 30 kg, and large dogs can weigh 30 to 40 kg. Knowing these weight estimates may help you decide what category your dog fits into – small, medium or large.

Type of kennel

There are many kinds of kennels on the market, from wire crates to travel crates to indoor and outdoor kennels. There are even puppy playpens for indoor and outdoor use.

At Pinnacle, we offer The Pet Haus, an indoor kennel for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs. It features a minimalist solid timber design and is easy to set up in your home, providing a safe and snuggly space for your dog, no matter their size.

We also offer three different types of outdoor dog kennels – The Fort, The Villa and The Shack. The Shack has a roof that allows easy cleaning, while the Fort’s waterproof roof will keep your dog safe from the elements. The Villa is specially designed for medium-sized dogs and will provide protection and comfort. To find out how to make your dog even more at home in their kennel, see our article ‘5 ways to make dog kennels more comfortable’.

Kennel customisation

While you’re thinking about buying a dog kennel, you may want to consider whether the kennel in question can be easily customised to suit the colour schemes of your home and garden. You can customise your kennel with different paint colours and accessories such as night lights, doorbells, dog name placards, welcome mats, tile flooring, and a window flower box. The possibilities are endless. Get inspired with different ways to decorate your dog kennel.

Find the perfect dog kennel size with Pinnacle Hardware

At Pinnacle, we have a large selection of dog kennels, including indoor and outdoor models, so your pet feels right at home no matter where they are. Once you’ve measured and weighed your dog, you will quickly know which dog kennel you need to buy to ensure a perfect fit.

See our full range of pet products online or visit your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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