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How to choose the perfect kennel for your dog


If you’re wondering what you need to consider when choosing a dog kennel, here at Pinnacle, we’re here to help you with a few suggestions before you make your decision. If you’re housing a Great Dane, you’ll want something bigger than a kennel for a Chihuahua. But there are greater subtleties in kennel choice than this, which are also wise to remember. This article outlines some handy hints to keep in mind when choosing a kennel for your canine best friend.

How big or small?

The most apparent factor determining your choice of dog kennel is the size. Your dog should have enough space to turn around in its kennel, and many dogs tend to circle before finding a comfortable spot to settle in for the night. At Pinnacle, we make dog kennels for various breeds, including large kennels for dogs such as Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers. Medium-sized dogs such as Cocker Spaniels, Border Collies, Beagles, and Staffordshire Terriers can enjoy our Villa Dog Kennel, Fort Dog Kennel, or Shack Dog Kennel. Terrier, Jack Russell, Maltese, Pug, and Cavalier King Charles breeds can also use The Fort and The Shack kennels. In addition, we have our Pet Haus dog kennels for the indoors that accommodate all dog sizes.

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Indoor or outdoor?

Our range of Pinnacle dog kennels encompasses both indoor and outdoor models. This is because animals tend to like being wherever their owners are. So it makes sense to invest in both indoor and outdoor kennels so your pet can always feel like part of the family. Note that a pet door is virtually compulsory for an easy transition between indoors and outdoors. The Scandinavian look of our Pet Haus dog kennels means they complement your decor with unobtrusive colouring and an attractive timber finish. Just add a bed or cushion for extra doggie comfort. If your pet is an outdoors dog, it must have a robust shelter against storms and the sun. Our outdoor dog kennels are well suited to keeping your dog at a comfortable temperature out of the wind, rain, or beating heat.

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Can it be cleaned?

One vital detail that many people don’t think about when they buy a dog kennel is whether they can easily clean it. Let’s face it, dogs are not always the cleanest animals – they can get all kinds of grass seeds, dirt, and other unmentionables stuck in their fur while bounding around the garden and having fun. It is easy for these bits and bobs to accumulate in their kennel when they lie down to rest. Luckily, here at Pinnacle, we have a solution for this problem. Our Shack Dog Kennel roof opens right up, making cleanup after your pooch a cinch. Regarding our indoor Pet Haus dog kennels, cleaning is also quite simple. Just wipe down the kennel with a damp cloth and some soapy water. Your pup will be happy in its new environment, kept clean with absolute ease.

Can it be customised?

Customisation is more important to some dog owners than others. But it’s worth pondering if you would like to adorn your dog kennel with a bit of decorative flair. Our customers have wowed us with some of their customised dog kennel ideas, some of which are bright and cheery, some basic neutrals, some featuring the dog’s name on the kennel, and all kinds of other details such as bells, night lights, door knockers, street numbers, and even cooling tile flooring, so Fido’s paws stay cool in summer. For even more decorating ideas, check out our article on how to custom paint your dog kennel. Get inspiration from what other dog owners have created for their pups, and then work your magic on a Pinnacle dog kennel.

Find the perfect kennel for your dog with Pinnacle Hardware

At Pinnacle Hardware, we have a select range of dog kennels to suit most breeds, from small to large. Some models are easily cleaned with a lift-off roof, while all are robust kennels that protect your pup from the elements.

See our full range of dog kennels online or view them at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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