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Garage shelving options you simply must know about

At Pinnacle, we’ve got quite a range of shelving units that you can choose from. Each has a slightly different purpose in the home and garage.

Some are lighter-weight for interiors, while others are heavy-duty and equipped to store much larger and heavier items.

All options of shelving units have attractive finishes and are simple to assemble at home.

Take your pick when you buy shelving from Pinnacle, your storage specialists.


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Your standard adjustable shelving unit with MDFshelves comes in 4 tier, 5 tier, and 6 tier

dimensions to suit every application, from the garage to the industrial-chic home.

Our 1830 and 2090 Series is the entry point for our solid and durable examples of the Pinnacle shelving units, so if you want to buy shelving at a reasonable price, you may consider this range first.

There is always a need for a shelving unit here or there to make a place for your various belongings, so if you buy shelving, you are really investing in having a nice and tidy home and, therefore, your peace of mind.


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If you’re looking to buy a shelving unit that is equally perfect indoors and in a fancy garage space, look no further than our Urban Series. You can even use it in cafes or retail spaces. It is that versatile.

This Urban Series features matte black powder-coated steel frames and attractive timber shelves for a contrasting combination that looks fresh, upbeat, and modern.

You can find multiple variations on the Pinnacle Urban Series in terms of height, length, and the number of tiers in each shelving unit.

For example, our 3-Tier Urban Series Industrial Benches are perfect in the bedroom for storing shoes. Or position this unit next to the front door to neatly arrange your shoes.

You can use other options such as our 4-Tier Urban Series Adjustable Shelving Units in various scenarios – as extra storage in kitchens, bedrooms, studies, offices, lounge rooms, and outdoors in garages or sheds.


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If you need to buy shelving that can really pull its weight in terms of capacity, then our Heavy Duty Pinnacle Shelving Units are ideal for your purpose.

These units are not only very strong – with the ability to hold 625kg per shelf, they also look great with a powder-coated matte black finish.

They are a handy addition to any shed or garage space, with the ability to hold high levels of weight for all your garage tools, supplies, and possible storage needs.

At Pinnacle, we pride ourselves on providing everything you could need to enhance your experience in the garage and home at affordable prices.

Our Heavy Duty Pinnacle Shelving Units are no different. They do the job, and they do it well, equipping your garage with storage that works – even for heavier items. You can buy shelving for heavy-duty purposes from us in a range of tiers, dimensions, and finishes.

Our Heavy Duty Premium Adjustable Shelving: If you need to buy shelving with more oomph than our Heavy Duty Units or just aren’t a fan of their wire shelves, consider our premium range of shelving. This product features a black powder-coated finish, red bracing for extra strength and aesthetic appeal, and has a whopping 800kg capacity per shelf.


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Our Pinnacle Chrome Shelving Units are highly multifunctional and could easily be found in the kitchen as in the bedroom or garage.

With a contemporary chrome-plated finish, a shelving unit from this series will just keep on giving when it comes to the multifaceted ways you can use it. From storing last season’s boots to potting mix or kitchen staples, you cannot go wrong when buying shelving from us at Pinnacle.

This excellent example of a well-made shelving unit is like a blank canvas upon which you can choose to adorn anything you wish to make your life easier, tidier, and more convenient.

Our Chrome Shelving Units will suit most purposes with quick and easy assembly and a shelf capacity of 75kg per tier if you’re looking to buy shelving.


We have such a wealth of options when it comes to the humble shelving unit.

Everything from interior shelving to robust, heavy-duty shelving is offered here at Pinnacle.

We’re here to make your life easier, and one of the ways we do that is by creating products that are easy to assemble, simple to use, and convenient to have in your home and garage.

So check out our range of shelving units today on our website or at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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