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Fun handyman activities you can do with your family for Christmas

When the holidays come, how do you fill in those long summer days without school? It is the perfect occasion to spend quality time with your family doing Christmas activities. It’s essential to keep your kids engaged in fun activities, so they don’t get bored and drive you around the bend! With this in mind, here at Pinnacle Hardware, we’ve gathered some Christmas DIY ideas for activities you can share with your children over the festive season. Families grow up so fast, so get busy making memories with your kids while they’re still young. These Christmas activities will surely please and bring out the merriness in the Grinchiest family member.

Wood stockings

Adding to the cheerful Christmas activities are these wooden decorative stockings, perfect for hanging from a mantlepiece. They are pretty easy to make using the jigsaw in your tool collection. Just draw out the shape of the stockings, or get your kids to do it. Then make sure all children are out of the way while you cut out the forms and drill a hole to hang each stocking. They can get back involved with this Christmas DIY to stain or paint the wood stockings in warm festive colours. Use Pinnacle Hardware hooks or wire to attach the stockings to the wall, a shelf, or a mantlepiece.

Wood stockings img

Saw horse reindeer

A saw horse reindeer is a bit more of an ambitious Christmas DIY but well worth the effort, and the kids will love the finished product. Draw out your pattern on the plywood. This will include the reindeer head, tail, and antlers. The reindeer neck base must align at a right angle to your saw horse. Put the wood against the saw horse edge and trace the corner. Use your jigsaw to cut out antlers, ears, head, neck, and tail. At the top of the head and at the ends of the ears and antlers, create a 2-inch notch (or the exact width of the plywood). Sand your reindeer. Get the kids in to paint all of the reindeer parts. Attach pieces to the reindeer with L brackets and Pinnacle Hardware screws.

Saw horse reindeer img

Tabletop timber christmas tree

This is one of those simple Christmas activities that pack a punch when adding to the festive atmosphere. They also make for ingenious desk decoration ideas for workplaces and the home. First, you will need to cut the lengths of wood that will make up the branches and base of the tree. Make a recess at the bottom of the tree and drill a hole in the middle of the base. Tap a Pinnacle Hardware nut into the hole. Thread a steel rod into the base, then add a couple of nuts on top. Then add the longest branch piece. Add a nut, then the next longest branch piece. Continue until you run out of branches, trim the steel rod and finish with a nut. See detailed Christmas DIY project instructions for more.

christmas tree img

Hanging Christmas lights

Hanging lights is one of the most popular Christmas activities at this time of the year. Pinnacle makes the process easier by providing magnetic hooks that can attach to the metal fascia (the vertical band under the roof) of your home. If the fascia goes only some of the way across the width of your house, start the light trail with a few nails, then switch to our hooks for a fuss-free application of Christmas lights. Wait until darkness falls and experience the fruit of your easy Christmas DIY. See more details on how to hang Christmas lights.

Hanging Christmas lights img

Celebrate Christmas with Pinnacle Hardware

At Pinnacle Hardware, we have plenty of present ideas for Christmas. Whether you have a household member who needs more tool storage, more gardening workspace, or more room for furry friends, we’ve got you covered, from garage storage to pet needs.

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