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Essential study space setup tips for full productivity

It’s proven that a good organised study space can have a great impact on your academic or work performance. While everyone organises their desk in their own way, there are some essential tips that can help get the best out of every brain.

Here are our handy productivity tips on organising your study or office space. We go over the basics first, before delving into more personalised ideas. With the right home office storage, you can create a beautiful study area that works best for you.


If you want to set up a study space for yourself or a family member, you might not have the luxury of a dedicated home office. But studying on the bed or sofa can hamper your concentration, so it is best to locate a good well-lit space in your room for a desk.

Our Pinnacle workbenches are a great fit for sitting down and getting your work done. We recommend our Timber Top Workbench for its ideal height and durability. Pair this with a comfortable, adjustable chair for maximum ergonomic comfort.


Now that you have a desk in place, next on the list of productivity tips is decluttering. Sort through your belongings by separating out any rubbish to throw away. Put aside any items you no longer need to donate to your local op shop later.

Once you have everything you need, you can decide what to place on your shelves, and what can remain on the desk. Ideally you want the least amount of distracting stuff on your desk as possible. For a convenient and functional home office storage solution, try the Pinnacle 5 Basket Urban Series Storage Unit.


Stationery is tricky to organise because they are things you want on hand any time, but they are small and easy to lose. The best solution is to use a good drawer or cabinet that can sit under your desk and within your reach. Get the most of your storage with our drawer organisers, so you have a place for all your small stationery items. This is also handy to store loose papers, books, and cables.

Another solution to keep items off the desk but close within reach is by using a good quality pegboard. This can also double up to hang decorations and knick-knacks with hooks, so you can personalise your study space.


To continue the previous productivity tips, you can use your pegboard as a great way to style your study space and make it uniquely yours. Use it to stick important reminders, notes, or inspirational quotes aside from organising your stationery. Our magnetic hooks would also be a great option for a study space.

You can also use hooks to hang up small decorations, from your pegboard, the walls, or your shelves. If your allotted space has insufficient lighting, use some hanging hooks to add extra string lighting. Or, consider using hooks to hang a plant from the wall or ceiling. Studies have shown looking at a simple green plant can improve your concentration.


Above all, when it comes to creating a perfect study space for maximum productivity, the key is to minimise distractions by keeping away clutter. If your study space feels overcrowded, consider moving any bulk documents or rarely-used books to the garage. Our wide selection of Pinnacle garage shelving units are a great way to expand your home office storage beyond the small space.

Cables and wires are another source of distraction when they get tangled very easily. A good trick is to find some foldback clips and clip them onto your desk, then thread each cable through the foldback clip. This separates the cables easily and makes your study space clearer.


If you found these productivity tips helpful, you’re ready to set up your study space with hardware that is both affordable and durable. At Pinnacle Hardware, our products deliver on convenience and functionality. They’re designed to give you a space you can do your best work in.

See our full storage range on our website, or find them at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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