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Convenient wall storage ideas for home, office and garage


Do you live in a small home and are struggling to make space for all the things you own? Or do you need to keep essential items in a place you know you’ll never lose them? There’s a surprisingly easy solution to all of this: use up the free real estate on your wall! There has never been an easier fix to declutter your home than use the space you already have. And it’s not just limited to the garage: these nifty wall storage solutions can be used all around the house!

So the real question is: how do you create awe-inspiring wall storage solutions that are not jarring on the wall and align perfectly with the rest of your home? The answer lies in using hardware that combines simple and clean aesthetics with functional and durable design, such as the Pinnacle Hardware range. Here are a few great wall storage ideas that you can put together from our catalogue.

Unique space in every room

There’s lots of underutilised space in your home and most of it is in places that are often overlooked, such as near the ceiling in your bedroom, the corners, or even under the stairs! If you’ve got a Harry Potter style cupboard under the stairs, you don’t need to house a wizard inside it; small bench shelving and even a pegboard on the cupboard door are the perfect fit for storing items in this compact space. Add a corner shelf to the emptiest space in the bedroom, and you’ll find you have more convenient wall storage solutions than ever.

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Shake things up in the kitchen

When you have all your ingredients and tools close at hand, you can make any kind of cooking a breeze. There are so many simple hacks to creating the most functional kitchen: from using wall mounted floating shelves to hold essentials like grains and spices, to using the wall directly opposite the stovetop to hold up utensils using a pegboard and a variety of pegboard accessories. Do you have an inbuilt pantry? It’s a great option for hidden wall storage ideas, using adjustable shelves to keep all your non-perishables sorted and intact.

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Create the ideal workstation

Even though the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, many of us have embraced the convenience of working from home. You may have fashioned a home office for yourself, or even an office garage. Why not use a pegboard to make the most out of your home workstation? Whether it’s your coffee cup, writing tools, or cables, make sure nothing is ever out of your reach with the right accessories on your wall. Are you running a small business from home? Keep your inventory perfectly stacked close by with heavy duty shelving against the wall, with the industrial look and finish ideal to boost productivity in a professional setting.

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Keep things off the floor

The easiest and most convenient way to make your home feel like it has more space is to keep as few things on the floor as possible. This is where wall storage solutions are your best friend, especially in places that gather clutter like the garage, or your kids’ bedroom. Have you ever thought about storing your bike on the wall, rather than letting it take up more area on the floor? It’s an ingenious idea, and by using a vertical bike hanger you can see how much of a difference it makes! This is just the start of using the wall and ceiling to store things that would otherwise get in the way. Using hooks to hang and prop up long objects is so simple, but so effective.

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Redefine your wall storage solutions with Pinnacle Hardware

Our hardware products combine convenience and durability topped off with sleek design to give your wall storage ideas new life and soul. From shelving to heavy duty cabinets, there’s no shortage of products to transform your home and make everyday living easier.

Explore our full collection on our website, or look in the storage section at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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