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Choosing the right garage workbench for your needs

For many of us, the garage or shed is where all the DIY projects happen. Whether you’re making repairs or building something from scratch, you need a reliable workspace to do it all. Once you’ve sorted out a decent workspace you also need a good work surface. That’s why many people choose to install a sturdy Garage Workbench.

Workbenches are a must-have for any home workshop. Especially if fixing things is a hobby of yours. You need a reliable surface where you can build, repair or maintain your stuff. Are you really strapped for space? You could even use your workbench as a little home office setup. An easy option for getting away from it all when you need some quiet space to focus.

Have we already sold you on the idea of a Garage Workbench? Then check out our advice on choosing the right Garage Workbench for your needs.


There are so many benefits to installing a workbench in your garage. Don’t be surprised if you start creating more excuses to create and fix things you’ve been putting off for ages. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • More space to work with large pieces of equipment and similar-sized items.
  • It can be installed in large garages or smaller sheds where it’s out of the way.
  • Helps create a private workspace that won’t bother anyone else with loud banging and tinkering noises.
  • A safe workspace where you can perform electrical, mechanical and other potentially hazardous tasks.
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Before you start looking for workbench models, it’s a good idea to choose a space for one. Will your workbench go in the shed or in the garage? Think about the type of work you’ll be doing on it. It also helps to measure out the space you’ll be installing your new workbench. Measuring helps you narrow down the exact dimensions you need in a workbench.

If you’re working with timber, then you’ll need space to rest your long planks of wood on for cutting, sanding, and painting. You might need lots of overhead storage above your workbench. So maybe choose a workspace with a high roof.

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A new Garage Workbench also provides plenty of opportunities for storage. The last thing you want is a cluttered work surface with tools and materials all over the place. So while you’re choosing a workbench, think about storage options at the same time. Think about how you could install cabinets or draws above, below, or to the side of your workbench for easy access.

Benchtop organisers are a fantastic option for increasing your storage space on a workbench. You can use these to sort out and organise all those little fasteners like your nuts, bolts, and screws. Check these out in our accessories category today. Many of our designs are stackable and wall mountable, giving you plenty of options for customising your storage.

Some clever workbench designs even come with pegboards which makes it easy to store and display your tools. So as you’re choosing your workbench, think about your workflow and the access you need for all your equipment.

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So now you know what to look for in a workbench. But do you know where to look? Let’s make things easy for you. Check out our very own range of Garage Workbench options today. Here you’ll find plenty of clever designs to suit your needs at home. They’re easy to assemble and provide a solid base for all your DIY hobbies.

Options like our Compact Workbench have a heavy-duty steel construction that can hold up to 180kg. This design has ample room to work on your home projects. Like many of our other workbenches, it comes with a pegboard and shelf for storing all those extra tools, hardware pieces, and fasteners.

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