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Choosing the right dog kennel for your dog


As a proud dog owner, you want your pooch to be happy and healthy. A big part of their healthy lifestyle is having the right shelter and comfort at home. That’s why the choice of their dog kennel is so important. Think of it as a home within your home. It’s where they should want to rest up and sleep.

For a dog kennel to provide the comfort and shelter your dog needs, all the right features must be included. One of the best ways to find the right kennel is to focus on your dog first. What are their unique requirements? What breed are they, and what size? Are they an older, calmer dog or a younger, more active dog? Do they spend more time outside or inside your home? It’s questions like these that you should be asking yourself on your journey to finding the perfect dog kennel.

To help you out, we’re covering all the essentials you need to know about when choosing the right dog kennel for your dog.


When we look at dog breeds today, we usually break them down into three size categories; small, medium, and large. After identifying the right size category for your dog it will become easier to find the right size dog kennel.

Just keep an eye out for the exact measurements when you’re choosing a dog kennel. You may find that different manufacturers have their own ideas about what measurements will suit different dog sizes.


Common small dog breeds in Australia are generally classified as those which weigh less than 18 kilograms. These dog breeds include your Jack Russel and Maltese Terriers, miniature poodles and French bulldogs. Ideally, a small dog kennel should never measure less than 70cm (width) x 75cm (depth) x 75cm (height). These measurements should give a small dog ample room to walk in and move around before they find a comfortable position to lie down in.


Medium-sized dogs tend to weigh between 18-30 kilograms. Common dog breeds in this category include Bulldogs, Cocker spaniels, Border Collies, Kelpies, and the American staffy. A medium size dog kennel should measure at least 84cm(width) x 1m(depth) x 85cm (height). This amount of space should give your dog plenty of room to be comfortable and make themselves at home in a new dog kennel.


Large dogs fall under a weight range above 30 kilograms. Dog breeds in this category include German shepherds, golden retrievers, rottweilers, and the Doberman just to name a few. For your large dog kennel, look for a model that measures no less than 1.2m (width) x 1m(depth) x 1m(height).

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Your dog’s lifestyle says a lot about the type of dog kennel they need. The features that an active dog needs for a dog kennel can be very different to that of a dog that’s older and slower. As dogs get older, it’s common for them to have health issues like arthritis which can severely limit their mobility.

So think about the features of a dog kennel that can make an older dog’s lifestyle easier. Having a built-in shelter will give you a neat space to store your dog’s food bowl. Check out our Villa for a perfect example of this. This eliminates the need for your dog to move around so much to get dog food. They can essentially rest and eat in the same area without having to get up so much. A sheltered food area is also great for keeping your dog’s food bowl protected from the rain.

Another feature to look out for is the floor of the dog kennel. A raised floor is a great feature because it helps to prevent the dog kennel from flooding and getting water damage. At the same time, it’s important to make sure the floor isn’t too elevated for an older dog. The higher a dog kennel is, the more effort it takes for an older dog to step down. Another easy fix for older dogs is to assemble a mini ramp to the entrance of your dog’s kennel. This ensures the floor is still protected while your dog has easy access at the same time.

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When a dog is bored, it can get up to all sorts of mischief. They can make a mess all over your backyard by digging, scratching and tearing things up. A dog kennel is no exception when it comes to messiness. Your dog may start bringing in plenty of dirt, food scraps, and dog toys to the dog kennel. As the mess starts to build up over time, a dog kennel can become a breeding ground for pests. That’s why it’s best to clean your dog’s kennel on a regular basis.

You may be surprised to know that some dog kennels are easier to clean than others. Models like our Shack dog kennel, have a hinged roof that’s easy to open. With access to features like this, you’ll find it much easier to clean the inside of your dog’s kennel on a regular basis.

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Feel like you’re ready to pick out a new dog kennel now? There’s one place we guarantee you can find them. You may be surprised to learn that your local Bunnings Warehouse has our full range of dog kennels proudly on display. Check out the entire Pinnacle Hardware range, and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect fit for your dog. At your local Bunnings, you’ll find our small, medium and large dog kennels.

Our small to large dog kennels come with many of the features you should come to expect, including weatherproof roofing to raised floors. Pick the right size dog kennel with the right features, and we can almost guarantee they’ll be happier and healthier for it.

Ready to check out the latest Pinnacle Hardware dog kennels? View the entire range here.

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