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Benefits of installing a raised garden bed in your backyard

If you love gardening, then chances are you’re always looking for new ways to add more greenery to your backyard. As time goes by, you may find it hard to grow all the things you want. It gets very challenging to create more space for garden beds and provide the right care for all your plants at once. One popular solution today is installing raised garden beds.

Raised garden beds provide a number of benefits that make them far superior to a regular veggie patch or garden bed established at ground level. You can grow a wide range of plants in raised garden beds. Think of all your favourite fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. If you’re still on the fence about installing raised garden beds in your home, read on. We’ll explain some of the most popular benefits to having a raised garden bed in your backyard today.


In their simplest form, raised garden beds are a simple box structure that doesn’t have a bottom filled with soil. It’s a gardening unit that’s built above ground. So wherever you establish a raised garden bed, the roots of your plants won’t be able to penetrate the base of it and make their way down into the ground. A raised garden bed clearly separates your plants from the ground. We’ll explain why that’s a good thing later on.

An important aspect to consider about raised garden beds is that they give you more control over your gardening. You’ll have more control over the type of soil that goes into it. You may also have more control over invasive pests and weeds coming in.

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Aside from how good they can look in your backyard, there are many benefits to using raised garden beds for growing all your favourite plants. Here’s why we think they’re a top option for your backyard:


Because your plants are in a raised garden bed, the soil is raised above the ground. This enables good drainage. Good drainage is required for a number of reasons. If water starts to collect and pool in the soil, it can cause root damage which ultimately leads to killing the plants. Overexposure to water causes plant roots to rot.

Because your raised garden bed is established above the ground, all the excess water can empty out the bottom of it. This ensures the roots will never be flooded with water. They’ll continue to get the right amount of drainage required so they can thrive.


An excess amount of water can drastically slow down the soil heating up during peak growing seasons like Spring and Summer. Thanks to better drainage, the soil in your raised garden bed will also heat up faster. So as your plants are getting that extra sunlight from above the soil, they will start to reach their optimum growing temperature a lot faster.

The more time your plants spend in optimum growing conditions, the more they will grow. This is also why some gardeners choose to put their plants in greenhouses. It’s a fast method of keeping plants warmer for longer before the warm seasons set in. So establish your plants in a raised garden bed, and you can rest assured they will enjoy optimum soil temperatures for growth.

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Another advantage of using a raised garden bed is the aeration it provides in the soil. Unfortunately, when you have plants growing directly in the ground it becomes challenging to keep the soil aerated. The soil in the ground often retains too much water and becomes compacted.

By installing your plants in a raised garden bed you give them a chance to thrive in aerated soil. The structure of a raised garden bed ensures the soil will be a lot looser in structure. These conditions encourage good air circulation around the roots of your plants.


One of the most annoying issues with establishing a garden bed is eliminating the weeds. When you set up a standard garden bed at ground level, there’s always the risk of getting invasive weeds that slowly make their way into your garden. In a lot of cases, you won’t notice they’re there until their seedlings start sprouting.

With a raised garden bed it becomes a lot easier to separate your plant’s soil from that which is already in the garden. When you set up a new raised garden bed with fresh soil straight from the nursery, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get weeds growing in it. With your garden bed up high, you’ll be able to see and pick out weeds a lot easier too.


One of the biggest obstacles for a lot of would-be gardeners is the lack of space they have at home. This is especially the case with those living in apartments or units. Sometimes all they have is a small balcony. But with a raised garden bed setup, you can still grow your favourite plants in compact areas like an apartment balcony.

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