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Are chickens a good pet to have at home?


Are you wondering if chickens are good pets? There are multiple perspectives to this question, which we will fully explore below. Whether speaking financially, considering chickens as entertaining pets, as a source of eggs that can supplement the family’s diet, as a manufacturer of high-quality manure for the garden, or as a low-maintenance animal in the backyard, chickens win out in the pet stakes. Pet chickens are quirky, amusing animals that are surprisingly easy to bond with while being reasonably independent. Give your chickens the best start to a healthy life in your backyard with a Pinnacle chicken coop.


Are chickens good pets from a financial perspective? Yes, they most certainly are. They require little time and upkeep and can save money by providing fresh, nutritious eggs for the whole family. Get your kids involved in looking after your pet chickens, and you will also save pennies on entertainment. Your kids may even prefer to get outdoors and hug a hen than sit in front of a screen all day. Sure, there may be some initial outlay for buying the chickens and a suitable chicken coop, but after that, pet chickens more or less look after themselves.

Entertainment value

If you are wondering, ‘are chickens good pets?’, you need to consider their vast entertainment value. As you get to know your new pet chickens, you will soon begin to notice that they have a lot of personality and that each bird will show different traits, which can lead to much amusement. You may even want to name your pet chickens according to their personalities, which can be fun and a perfect exercise for children to establish a bond with their pet chickens.

Eggcellent eggs

There are many benefits to having pet chickens as they are a source of organic, nourishing eggs freshly laid and collected from your very own backyard. It sure beats those shop-bought eggs that have been packaged and stored for weeks. To ensure your pet chickens’ eggs are organic, provide them with organic feed and use natural pest eradication interventions. Free-range eggs are known for being higher in Omega-3 and Vitamin E and lower in cholesterol.

Good for the garden

When considering ‘are chickens good pets?’ take into account their usefulness not just as egg producers but also as a source of natural fertiliser that will keep your garden in tip-top shape all year round. The manure of your pet chickens will not go to waste, as you can use it as fertiliser for your garden. You can mix their straw bedding and manure into your compost heap or lay it directly onto your garden beds for a nutrient-rich growth stimulant and soil enhancer.


Pinnacle chicken coops make maintenance of your pet chickens very easy by providing a separate laying box with a lid for access to eggs, plus a removable metal tray to quickly clean dirty areas. Maintenance will be a cinch when you choose from our range of chicken coops, built for the comfort of your backyard hens.

Maintenance chicken img

Are chickens good pets? Pinnacle says yes!

To create a safe home for your chicken family, check out our range of chicken coops, which are sturdy and well-designed options for keeping your chickens safe, secure, and out of the weather. Keeping your chickens healthy is simple when you invest in coops that can be easily and quickly cleaned. With minimal effort, you will have ready-to-eat organic eggs and loveable pets full of personality in your backyard.

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