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Amp up the relaxation factor with plants in your home or office

Now is the time to start if you’re thinking of adding some greenery to your space. There are so many benefits to having indoor plants in your home, including air purification, infusing calming energy, and increasing the beauty of the surroundings, to name but a few.

At Pinnacle, we have all kinds of DIY, storage, and garden products that can help you in your quest to insert more plants in and around your home. Take a look at the following four ways to make the most of your space by adding plants to your home or office. Get started today and feel the benefits plants can bring!


One of the most effective ways of incorporating plants into your home or work environment is to add a trellis to a balcony or courtyard area, with large windows overlooking the greenery. This gives you a pleasant green backdrop to your indoor environment and can work wonders for softening the outdoor space, especially if there is a lot of concrete or brickwork out there.

All you need to create a simple trellis is our 3.2mm stainless steel wire rope, one of our easy-to-use balustrading kits, and our 5mm wire eye straps. After installing the trellis, choose a climbing plant with beautiful flowers and watch it grow, establishing an eye-catching pattern on the trellis. For such a simple exercise, the results really are quite phenomenal as the plant gradually takes the trellis form.


Don’t forget to make the most of your wall space when planning to put indoor plants in your home. You can use our single jack chain, available in black or zinc plated, to hang up various indoor pot plants. Other options to make the most of your space in your home or office include using wall-mounted storage shelves around the perimeter of the ceiling and allowing trailing plant tendrils to hang down attractively.

You could also make use of our 5-tier adjustable corner shelf, which will fit nicely into your home or office corners and provide ample space for all kinds of indoor plants. These handy shelving selections don’t require that much room to allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of having indoor pot plants.


While we’ve just discussed some shelving options that we offer here at Pinnacle, that is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have slightly more room, you can opt for a more commanding shelving system for your indoor plants in Melbourne. Our 4-tier urban series of shelving units, which have beautiful timber shelves, continue the natural look achieved by your indoor pot plants. It’s an industrial-chic look, which will set off the greenery of your indoor plants.

Using our shelving units together, you can select modules of different heights, such as our 4-tier urban shelving units with our lower-to-the-ground 3-tier urban industrial benches. Having indoor plants in homes placed at different heights adds an extra dimension to your plant arrangement that is pleasing to the eye. Play around with your plants and your shelving units and decide what looks the best to you. It can be a fun task, organising your plants as per your decorative whim.


Our raised garden planter is a clear winner when adding extra greenery around the home. It can be used outdoors as an aid to edge gardens, or you can place it within view and reach of a kitchen window for quick access to herbs. Raised garden planters are easy on the back, as you don’t have to bend down to garden or harvest veggies.

Position your raised garden planter near a window for a splendid view of leafy herbs and greens, which can be soothing and create visual interest from indoors. The interplay of indoor plants in homes and what lies outside can be interesting if you consider it and plan your plant arrangements accordingly.


At Pinnacle, we have a large range of garage storage products that are versatile enough to be used indoors, especially in offices. Use our various shelving units to add a little greenery inside and benefit from the oxygen that plants create to have a clearer mind.

View our full range of storage products online or in person at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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