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Add a touch of class to your outdoor space

With our great range of black hardware, there’s never been a better time to bring some added class to your outdoor areas. In this DIY post, we’re focussing our attention on gates and our range of black gate hardware. Black is modern, striking, and, most importantly, different. And it looks great with any colour.

To help you get started, we’ve assembled a collection of our hardware as inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, and we’ve even put together a simple setup below using a number of our gate hardware products on a modern timber gate to show you how great your gate will look when you’re done. For more information on each of the products above or below, click the product name.

Steel Gate Frame 7 img


This modern timber gate uses our Heavy-Duty Adjustable Steel Gate Frame, which suits gates 700-1200mm wide and 1000-1870mm high (we also supply an expansion kit if you need an even wider gate frame).

The timber has been attached horizontally to create a contrast between the gate and the fence and turns the gate into a feature point. To latch the gate, we have used a Thumb Latch, which allows the gate to be opened from the inside or outside without the need to cut a hole in the gate or to have a really high latch at the top of the gate which might be hard for some people to reach.

Next, we’ve attached a coil spring to help control the swing of the gate and to ensure it closes automatically, which by the way, is a great idea if you have kids because we all know they seem to have been born in tents.

Finally, we’ve attached a padbolt on the inside to allow you to lock the gate to prevent entry from the outside, and the padbolt can even be padlocked for extra security. Whether you follow the simple example above or come up with your own idea and combination of products, we wish you all the best in bringing a touch of class to your outdoor spaces.

Steel Gate Frame 4 img
Steel Gate Frame 2 scaled img
Steel Gate Frame 5 img
Steel Gate Frame 8 img

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