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6 simple but smart garage organisation ideas

Getting your garage in check can be a game-changer. Turning it from a chaotic mess of equipment and clutter into a neat, functional space. This is especially helpful if your garage doubles as a workshop or a place to take refuge and unwind after a long day.

No matter what kind of space you’re trying to create, these simple organisation ideas will transform the way you use your garage and give you that sense of order you’ve been looking for. Whether you’ve got heavy items that need to be safely stored or things taking up too much space on the floor, we’ll be your guide to getting organised.

1. Metal shelving

Sturdy shelving is the backbone of any garage organisation project. They’re great for getting things off the ground and out of the way while still being a breeze to find. The robust structure and durability of metal shelving make them perfect for gardening supplies, sports equipment, tools, or a bit of extra storage for household treasures. 

For any awkwardly sized items, make sure you get an adjustable shelf. Or if those items are particularly bulky, choose the heavy-duty option, which can hold up to 625kgs per shelf. When you’re low on space, opt for a wall-mounted shelf or a corner shelf. That way, you can make the most of these often-overlooked areas of the garage.

Pinnacle 4 Tier urban Series Adjustable Shelving Unit in matte black.

2. Metal drawers and cabinets

When you’ve got small tools and hardware like screws, nails, or anything else you’d rather keep tucked away, drawers are a safe and reliable option. You can easily track down your most-used items and store away any belongings you don’t need at hand. 

The brilliance of our sleek, matte black range is that it caters to everything you keep in your garage. Square wall-mounted cabinets are ideal for items you don’t want the little ones to reach, while a mobile single-door cabinet is excellent if you need to reconfigure your garage setup from time to time.

3. Pegboards and hooks

Pegboards are all about access and visibility. With a pegboard and hooks, suddenly, your tool collection is presented before you, like art in a gallery. While you’ll enjoy the view, what you’ll love even more is the efficiency you’ll gain from having all your tools right there and ready to go.

Our metal pegboards are durable, making them perfect for a busy workspace. They’re also incredibly versatile. Hang power drills, set magnetic toolbars for your chisels and hammers, attach can holders for quick access to nails and screws—or a cold drink, the options are endless.  

The other brilliant thing about a pegboard is when you have all your tools displayed, you know which tools to add to the collection next.

Hardware tools hung up using hooks on a Pinnacle pegboard.

4. Tool trolleys and chests

Got a bunch of DIY projects scattered throughout your garage? Then, you need a tool trolley in your life. The time you’ll save alone makes it worth buying. Our metal trolleys come equipped with chargers as well to keep the essential tools good to go rather than plugged into the (only) socket on the other side of the garage. 

If you don’t need your tools to follow you around, a tool chest is just as handy. Our lockable metal tool chests come with a double-walled steel frame, making them nearly impossible to damage or break into—the perfect home for that shiny new skill saw you just bought.

5. Workbenches

Your workbench is ground zero. The place where all your finest projects come to life. For this reason alone, you need to have a workbench that is spacious and reliable. Pinnacle’s range of workbenches ticks both these boxes and is versatile enough to suit any garage. If your workspace is compact, we have compact benches, or if space isn’t an issue, we can accommodate that, too. 

After that classic workplace aesthetic? Our timber-top benches will be right up your alley. And with benchtop capacities of up to 500kg, you’ll never have to worry that your project is about to come crashing down.

6. Storage stations

Has your garage become such an unruly jungle that a trolley or pegboard won’t cut it? If so, then it’s time to get around a storage station. This is the mother of all storage options, the type of storage that will easily hold all your tools as well as your next-door neighbour’s. 

Spaciousness aside, the extensive range of organisation options sets a storage station at the lofty peak of garage organisation. Everything—literally everything—will have a designated home. You can mix, you can match, and the completeness of a modular storage system is what will impress you most. It’s the ultimate storage option for the ultimate garage.

Pinnacle storage unit with pegboard for the garage.

Transform your garage with Pinnacle Hardware

Ready to reign in the chaos of your garage and enter a new era of DIY productivity? Pop into your local Bunnings and check out our range of storage products today! You’ll find the perfect storage system to get your garage back in line.


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