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5 ways to organise a small home office


By the end of 2020, many of us have gotten used to the idea of working from home. We came up with all sorts of creative ways to build a home office. But to get really comfortable in a home office space, you need the right setup. You need enough furniture and storage options to make an office workspace your own.

Essential office items that come to mind might include a spacious desk, draws for stationery storage, and of course, a comfy chair to sit on. What’s on your list of essentials? Today there’s plenty of other options from standing desk risers to laptop stands and pinboards. It all comes down to your style of work and what makes you comfortable.

If you’re looking to add more storage space or reorganise your home office, we’ve got you sorted. Using some clever ideas and hacks we’ll show you how to make the most of that small office space you have at home.


This may seem like an obvious tip but organising your desk drawer properly can do wonders for your office space. If your desk is always cluttered with things like stationery, charging cables, and paperwork, then it’s time to find a proper spot for them! If you don’t have one already then we highly recommend you get a desk draw. Common desk draw designs usually come with a pair of small drawers at the top and a large one down the bottom for storing larger items like your display folders and documents. It’s also handy to choose a model with wheels so you can easily move it around when needed.

When it comes to organising the individual draws it’s a good idea to add organisers. With dedicated sections in each draw, you can separate out small items like your paperclips, pens, and post-it notes. With a draw dedicated to books and documents, you can take all that messy paperwork off your desk. The aim of this exercise is to get rid of as many loose items as you can from the top of your desk. The cleaner your desk looks, the fewer distractions you’ll have.

For more desk drawer inspiration, check out our range of mobile drawer units. They’re sturdy and easy to reposition, thanks to a set of wheels installed on the bottom. A key lockable feature ensures valuable office supplies like your favourite headphones are secured.

Reorganise your stationary with a new metal cabinet unit.

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Eliminating clutter from the top of your desk can help make your entire home office space feel more zen. But if you only have a small desk at home, you may not have space for a desk organiser or even a desk drawer to slide underneath it. Thankfully we’ve got a great little hack for this dilemma. We’d like to introduce you to the concept of wall storage for the home office.

Using some of our very own wall storage products, we’ve seen some creative solutions for adding extra storage space on the wall. Take our pegboard as a perfect example. They’re lightweight and easy to install straight onto the timber studs behind your wall. With an array of pegboard hooks and storage trays, you can neatly store and display all your stationery behind your desk. With a pegboard installed, you can make the most of the wall space you have in whichever corner or nook you transform into a home office.

See our entire range of pegboards and pegboard accessories at your nearest Bunnings Warehouse.

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With the modern designs of computers and laptops, we can afford to save a lot of desk space. Options like our laptops are far more compact than they used to be. With less desk space required, it gives you the opportunity to use slimmer space-saving options for your desk space. There’s no need for a wide and bulk desk unless you’re someone who needs the extra space for sketching, like a graphic artist or architect.

During lockdowns, we’ve seen many creative uses for our very own workbenches. Thanks to their long and slim profile, they can provide the perfect surface for setting up your home office. Unlike a lot of cheaper flatpack desks you find online, our workbenches are designed for heavy-duty applications. So they’re more than capable of supporting your office equipment.

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If you’re looking to create more storage space on top of your desk, there are a few ways to go about it. An important thing to consider here is that you don’t want to make the top of your desk look crowded or messy. You still need things to be organised into sections or some sort of hierarchy to avoid clutter.

One creative solution we’ve seen is using Benchtop Organisers. While these are traditionally used for storing and organising small fasteners like screws and nails, it’s easy to see how they could be used for stationery instead. These organisers are easy to stack and mount up on a wall or pegboard.

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Building on the idea of wall and vertical storage, nothing beats a good shelving unit. A shelving unit is an easy option if you don’t have the flexibility of installing furniture on the wall. Shelving is ideal for storing large office items like your tubs, paper, books and even the office printer. More of your tech gear could also find its way onto shelves like your landline phone, internet router, servers, and network drives.

For a shelving option that’s easy to assemble, check out our current range of shelving units. Options like our 4 Tier Urban Series Shelving Unit look great with interior furniture. This unit can hold up to 200kg per shelf, so there will be no issues storing any heavy office equipment like your printer.

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