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5 Simple storage ideas for tool sheds


Do you have more tools than you can handle? Are you constantly looking for lost tools? Perhaps you need some simple storage ideas for tool sheds that will revolutionise your DIY experience by ensuring your tools are easy to access at all times. At Pinnacle, we have designed a range of storage solutions ideal for kitting out a tool shed, with plenty of tool storage ideas. Never misplace a tool again when you invest in our handy storage ideas that will save you time over and over again.


Pegboard is perfect for tools of many shapes and sizes due to the accessories you can buy to suit your needs. These pegboard accessories simply attach onto the board, offering hooks or other supports to hold up your tools. See our previous article for an in-depth look at pegboard accessories. Due to the many functions these accessories can provide, there are so many simple storage ideas within one category of pegboard options. A pegboard can accommodate anything from can holders, tool clips, screwdriver racks, spanner organisers, flat trays, and tote box holders. Keep your workshop spaces clear by hanging these items.

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One of the essential tool storage ideas is the humble shelf. You can store just about any tool on a Pinnacle shelf, no matter its size, as many of our shelves are adjustable in height and placement and have varying weight capacities to suit different tools. Use shelves to house your power tools so they are always easy to access, or pair shelves with plastic containers to keep similar tools together, making sure you label each box with its contents for quick reference. Shelves do not have to be freestanding, either. Check out our wall-mounted storage shelf, which can be used just under the perimeter of the ceiling for stowing away less frequently used tools.

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Cabinets are essential simple storage ideas, as they can be situated neatly underneath a workbench out of the way while still providing ample space for tools to be stored. Pinnacle cabinets come in various dimensions, from tall metal cabinets for all your long garden tools, such as rakes, spades, and the like, to short squat drawer cabinets that are perfect for laying small tools for storage. Many of our cabinets are lockable, offering extra security. For ease of use, why not label each drawer with what’s inside? It will make finding your tools so much quicker and easier.

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Storage stations

Pay special attention to our storage stations when you are looking for the ultimate tool storage ideas and need an end-to-end solution. They encompass the Pinnacle Hardware Pro Series Garage Storage range and offer almost unlimited storage options from an interconnected group of elements that can be customised for your specific needs in your shed. There are over 70 possible permutations of a workbench, overhead storage, and cabinets and drawers, which are all valuable assets when it comes to tool storage ideas.

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Tool trolley

When you want to take your tool storage ideas to the next level, you may consider buying a tool trolley or another tool-specific storage option. As part of our tool storage product line at Pinnacle, we offer a range of Pro Series Tool Trolleys. They provide safe and secure storage for your entire range of tools, including power tools, with handy external charging docks, 240v sockets, and fast charging USB ports. Build your tool storage ideas further with trolley accessories like our Pro Series 4 Drawer Tall Cabinet or Pro Series 56” 12 Drawer Tool Chest.

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For more simple storage ideas check out the Pinnacle Hardware range

Our range of shed and garage storage solutions means that you will always have all the options you need regarding storage ideas. Whether you want to try hanging tools on a pegboard or stowing them away into cabinets or a tool trolley, we’ve got you covered at Pinnacle Hardware.

See our full range of tool storage solutions online or at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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