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5 garage storage hacks for eliminating clutter


Have you ever looked at your home and wished you had more storage space? You’re not alone. Looking at the latest numbers, you may be surprised to find that the average Aussie home is starting to shrink. The average size of a freestanding house in Australia is at its smallest in nearly two decades. But this only encourages some good old-fashioned Aussie ingenuity in the form of garage storage hacks. Take a quick look online, and you’ll find plenty of space-saving ideas.

One of the best places in your home for creating extra storage space is the garage. Install new garage shelving units, pegboards, and wall hooks, and you’ll be amazed by how much extra storage space you can create. To inspire and motivate you, we’re sharing our top picks for garage storage hacks. These are simple ideas that anyone can use to create more space at home.


Garage shelving units you find available today are convenient for a lot of reasons. They’re easy to assemble and install. There’s no need to drill holes into the wall or the floor of your garage. Simply assemble one of these shelving units, and you have a solid storage option for your garage. Try to select a shelving unit that reaches up to the ceiling of your garage. This will create new storage space near the top of your garage that was previously unused.

Check out our 4 Tier Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelf. It’s a perfect storage option that requires very little assembly or tools. No bolts or screws are required to assemble this sturdy shelving unit. Another fantastic feature is the ability to adjust the shelf height. So as your storage needs change, simply adjust the shelving height to accommodate different items, from storage tubs to power tools and everything in between.

garage shelving units


One of the most annoying things to store in the garage is the humble bicycle. It’s easy to wheel around and reposition, but it can take up precious floor space. So what’s the garage storage hack you could use to free up more floor space? You could install a storage hoist on the ceiling. But this storage option can be very time-consuming whenever you need to take your bikes down. If you want a storage option with minimal fuss, try opting for wall storage.

Embrace the walls of your garage as storage space, and you’ll find endless potential. One of our favourite ways to do this is by using a vertical bike hanger. It’s out of the way, and it makes dismounting your bike relatively easy compared to other methods.

vertical bike hanger img


Another garage storage hack that creates more wall storage space is installing pegboards. We personally think pegboards are one of the most versatile options for garage storage. They’re strong enough to hold all your hand tools, big and small. Pegboards give you the ability to install and move around pegs wherever you want. So it’s never set in stone. You can continue to customise the way your tools are displayed and organised.

Our pegboards come in a range of sizes to suit any garage. They also come with the right brackets that provide extra reinforcement and stability. With a solid pegboard in place, you can mount all of your favourite hardware tools like your hammers, spanners, saws, and screwdrivers. If you prefer to have all your gardening tools on display, you could easily mount your rakes, shovels and gardening gloves. Another great option is mounting a storage tray on your pegboard. This can be used as a shelf to hold bottles, jars or even sprays like your pesticides and lubricant.

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If you’re just like us, you’ll believe there are endless uses for magnets in the home. When it comes to garage storage hacks, we can think of several magnetic products you can use. Let’s start with magnetic hooks. You can install these on any magnetic surface, like a pegboard or metal shelving unit. Almost any lightweight tool or attachment with a mounting hole can be hung from magnetic hooks. You could even hang items like keys for easy access.

Another magnetic storage option we think you’ll appreciate is the humble magnetic tool bar. Our version has mounting holes which enable you to install it on a wide range of doors, pegboards, shelves, walls, and pegboard surfaces. You’ll find most magnetic toolbars are strong to hold everyday hand tools like your chisels, spanners, and screwdrivers. So if there’s an area of your garage like the workbench where you need easy access to tools, consider installing a magnetic tool bar.

magnetic tool bar


For more handy storage items you can use in the garage, head straight to our storage category. We have hundreds of products that you can use to free up more room in your garage. The best thing is, you can find them all under one roof at your local Bunnings Warehouse. But now the big question remains—what will you do with the extra space? Install a new workbench? Set up a home gym? If you’re ready to reorganise more areas of your home, check out our DIY project articles for more inspiration.


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