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5 garage shelving ideas for better storage

Has your garage become a dumping ground for tools, sports gear, gardening equipment, or stray keepsakes? In our constant quest for order and organisation, the garage is often a problem area. But, with a little creativity and some sturdy shelves, you can take your space from cluttered chaos and turn it into a coordinated haven for all your prized possessions. 

Even if you’ve got a small space or lots of stuff to store, our quick and cheap garage organising ideas will have you saying goodbye to any unwanted mess.

1. Sturdy and versatile metal garage shelving

If you need storage that can hold heavy items without collapsing under the weight, then metal shelving is a practical and robust option. Industrial-style shelves, like our heavy duty range, are a popular choice thanks to their strength and durability. Not to mention they look sleek and modern with a powder-coated matte black finish that matches any style. 

Our heavy duty shelves can hold up to 600kgs, so they’re strong enough to store your heaviest power tools, auto parts, or gym weights. They’re also adjustable to fit items of different heights, which is ideal if your storage needs are always changing. The best part is they’re super easy to assemble and adjust.

heavy duty metal shelving

2. Open shelving for everything at your fingertips

Sick of rummaging through different drawers, trying to remember where you put those paintbrushes? Open shelving is great for striking a balance between functionality and accessibility. With open shelves, you can easily get to your most-used items, like those tools you’re always reaching for. 

Our urban series of adjustable shelves combine the strength and style of metal and the natural look of high-quality timber. Add some labelled containers or compartments, and these shelves offer the perfect opportunity to show off your neatly organised things.

Open Shelving

3. Getting vertical with overhead garage shelving

Overhead shelving takes advantage of the unused space above your cabinets or workbench, effectively providing additional storage without getting in the way of your floor area. These shelves are ideal for storing items that you don’t need to access as much, like holiday decorations, camping gear, or off-season clothing. 

For your heavier and bulkier items, our metal wall mounted storage shelf can hold up to 50kg. It comes in the same matte black finish as our heavy duty range, so it won’t just be your items that are coordinated. You’ll have the perfect matching colour scheme for your space.

overhead garage shelving

4. Space-saving wall-mounted garage shelving

When floor space is at a premium, wall-mounted shelves are a game-changer. They can be installed at varying heights, making room on the ground for your larger equipment or even your car. 

One of our more ingenious garage shelving ideas is to turn your wall into a customisable, easy-to-rearrange storage area using pegboards. Our pegboard system comes with a variety of hooks and small trays so you can hang up everything from tools to sports equipment. They can also be paired with our workbenches and storage stations to create a clutter-free zone. 

wall mounted or pegboard garage shelving

5. Small garage shelving ideas for using every inch of space

Don’t underestimate the corners of your garage when it comes to maximising storage space. Even the smallest garage can benefit from the clever use of corner shelves. These often-overlooked areas serve as the perfect place for storing a variety of items, including your car cleaning supplies or gardening tools.

Our adjustable corner shelf can help you really make the most of every nook while keeping your items easily accessible. If you want to get even more organised, consider dividing your shelves into zones, then categorise your items so they’re easy to find.

corner shelf to maximise space

Start your garage transformation with smart shelving

Ready to start putting these garage shelving ideas into action? Whether you’re looking for sturdy metal shelves, accessible open shelves, or space-saving options, we’ve got the storage solution for you. Check out our full range online or at your local Bunnings Warehouse.


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