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5 fun and easy DIY home projects to tackle this Father’s Day weekend

While Father’s Day is traditionally a day where we spoil our dads with practical gifts, it has the potential to be so much more. Tackling a quick home project together is a great way to spend some quality time and help get a few things ticked off the to-do list. 

Make this Father’s Day weekend a time to create and build with that wonderfully supportive figure in your life with these five fun DIY project ideas.  

1. Organise the garage

The garage. Often messy and always overrun with belongings that don’t seem to belong. But getting to the bottom of that pile of boxes and stray tools doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you think of it as recreation rather than organisation, you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

First things first: declutter the space. Keep everything that’s needed, and get rid of everything else. Next, group things accordingly so that nothing is difficult to find in the future. Then, decide where everything goes.

That’s where our shelving comes in. With two pairs of strong arms, you and Dad can take turns holding the shelves in place and knocking them together. And just like that, the garage has gone from a refuge for junk to a DIY project haven.

2. Create a home gym

Why spend time and money at a gym when you can have your own at home? For this DIY project, you’ll need floor space and dedicated storage for your gym equipment. 

For basic equipment like light weights, skipping ropes, and yoga mats, you can use simple shelves and boxes. For heavier weights and kettlebells, you’ll need heavy-duty shelving

Hooks and pegboards are also great for hanging barbells, resistance bands, and machine attachments. These storage solutions are easy to assemble and will hold the weight of your home gym equipment. Once you’ve created a home gym together, it’s time to train together!

3. Set up a home office

Does your Dad need a better work-from-home setup? Then this is the perfect project. When setting up a home office, make sure you choose a location that’s well-lit, quiet, and has enough space for everything they need. Once you have your space, measure the area and plan the layout of the desk, chair, and any other furniture. 

When choosing your furniture and decor, nothing promotes productivity like a matching colour scheme. Our timber top workbench pairs perfectly with a drawer or cabinet placed underneath. Both have a classic matte black look that goes well with a pegboard to store any stationery. You could even hang calendars, notes, or business cards.

A home office set up with a Pinnacle timber top workbench and metal pegboard.

4. Makeover the garden

If your Dad is drawn to doing something outdoors, planting a garden in a raised garden bed is a fun way to get out in nature. Ideally, you’ll need to find a good spot with plenty of sun. Otherwise, opt for the mobile garden planter so you can move plants to where they thrive. 

The hard part here is choosing what to plant. You could grow small veggies, herbs, fruit, or flowers. Simply fill the garden bed with high-quality soil and compost, and with regular watering, patience, and care, you and Dad can watch your plants grow. 

5. Build a home for the man’s best friend

For the dog dad that has a particularly special connection with the furry members of the family, why not get him one of our dog kennels that you can build together? 

Durable, easy to put together, and almost as adorable as the one who’ll be sleeping there, this is a project that’ll have everyone in the family barking with excitement! You can even get your little helpers involved in painting the house to suit your dog’s personality and style.

Group 22

You can rely on Pinnacle for every DIY project

There isn’t a better time than the weekend to tackle DIY home projects. We’re here for you with home and garage products that make life easier and help you get the most out of your living space.

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