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4 ways to add greenery to your space

Whether you’re working a lot from home, have found yourself with a little extra time at home, or just want to liven up the place a bit, introducing some greenery can bring added life, calm and many other positive effects to your space and in turn to your quality of life.

There’s no doubt we have seen a trend in recent times with indoor plants and succulents. The good thing about this trend is it seems to be backed up by some evidence as to its positive effects. Some studies even suggest that plants are good for your health and can improve your mood and your creativity. Either way, for the simple maintenance it takes to care for them, we think indoor and outdoor plants and trees are well worth the effort.

To help you get started, we’ve looked at four inexpensive and simple ways to jazz up your indoor and outdoor spaces using plants.

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A simple but popular idea for displaying plants is to create a trellis and introduce creeping plants or vines that will follow the structure, creating an impressive display of greenery. When it comes to the design of your trellis, the sky’s the limit really. Whether you make the structure out of wood or metal and what shape or pattern you use, it’s all up to you. What’s more, trellises work well in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The trellis shown here uses our 3.2mm stainless steel wire rope, one of our many balustrading kits and our 5mm wire eye straps. It’s a work in progress, but you can see from the growth already it’s going to be impressive.

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The simplest way to get plants indoors is to just start placing them around your home on the floor and on stands and all kinds of nooks and crannies. However, what about making a statement of colour and life with a shelf full of plants? We’ve used one of our Urban 4 Tier Shelving units for this display. The warm timber shelves combine well with the greenery of indoor plants and create a centralised display of calm and creativity. And, this way you can have all your favourite plants in one spot.


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Another way to display your plants indoors or outdoors is to hang them. This allows you to create a multi-tiered or multi-layered feel to your space and gives you extra room for plants. Hanging plant baskets or pots are readily available from places like Bunnings Warehouse and nurseries and often come with rope or chains and hooks of various kinds so you can hang them up. However, if for some reason you want to replace these or you just want to make your own hanging basket or another type of hanging display, why not use our single jack chain, available in black or zinc plated?


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Who could have predicted how popular our raised garden planter range would be? We think the attraction of it lies in the simplicity of the product and the many ways it can be used. Whether you’re using our raised planters as a border around your garden, or along the outdoor tables of your café or restaurant, as a simple way to introduce colour and greenery to your patio or balcony, or as a herb garden just outside the kitchen window, these planters are portable, easy to assemble and an ideal way to add some plant life to every space.

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